Quilting 2 at once

IMG_0552Yes, I’m quilting 2 quilts at once.  Each on different machines.  On my Janome 8900, is the labyrinth quilt that I posted about in March.  Really? It doesn’t seem like that long ago.  I’m still deciding what to quilt – so for bits of time, it’s just sitting there.  Then, on my Janome 6500, I’m doing outline quilting on the quilt that is using this fabric: IMG_1108

I have not been through the door of any fabric store – sew it’s been super easy to not buy any fabric this week.

Stash Report

Fabric Used this Week:     0 yards  
Fabric Used year to Date:  141.75  yards
Fabric Added this Week:    0  yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date:   54 yards
Net Fabric used for 2017:   80.95 yards  

UFO tally

2017   Completed
Jan:           2
Feb:           0
Mar:          0
Apr:          0
May:          2
June:          4
July:          0
Aug:          1
Sept:          2
Oct:           0

36  UFO’s left to complete.

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17 thoughts on “Quilting 2 at once

  1. The labyrinth quilt is fantastic – have fun with quilting it!! Quilting on two at once will keep boredom away. 🙂 I recently started working a few hours a week at my LQS. I kinda think any money I make will be spent on fabric. LOL


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  3. Hi Gail
    The labyrinth quilt is so pretty. I had forgotten about that one.
    I am in the middle of quilting a kaliedescope quilt. I was almost done but ran out if thread. I’ll post about it soon. But one question I have for you — how did you do the seams in the very centre of the labyrinth quilt? The centres of mine are pretty lumpy. Another learning experience! 🙂


  4. Hi Gail,
    Is there such a thing as a double-fisted quilter (like drinker)?!! HAHA I am about to tie up one machine for quilting, so the other machine is coming out for sewing. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Oh how I love that Labyrinth quilt! One of my best friends made it for her son’s wedding this past August. (pretty sure that’s the one…) I giggled on the haven’t been through the door of a quilt shop…doesn’t hold me back; bought some more online just last night, ha!


    • Well Sandra, I’m glad I made you giggle. I have only occasionally ordered fabric on-line. It’s a good thing I live in Canada – otherwise the Missouri Star deals would have me hooked!


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