Fabric Anorexia?

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I HAD to go to a store and buy binding.  Yes, binding.  I found the perfect binding.  And while I was in the store, I looked and looked and looked around.  The lady cutting fabric was busy with a lady having tons cut … so, I looked around some more and there was absolutely NOTHING that said, “Buy me!” or “take me home”  except for the 1/2 yard of binding fabric.   I’m afraid that I might be getting sick.  Seriously.  Is there something called fabric anorexia?

Fabric Used this Week:     0  yards  
Fabric Used year to Date:  0  yards
Fabric Added this Week:    0.5  yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date: 0.5 yards
Net Fabric used for 2017:   6.5 yards  


Quilting is finished and binding is happening on this quilt:


Another OH NO!!!

As I was searching through my stash looking for something I know I have.  I found another UFO.  Probably from 2008 or 2009.  It was started at a murder mystery retreat.  The quilt was a mystery and there was a murder mystery at the same time.  It was sort of fun.  One of the owners of the quilt shop / retreat centre was “killed” with a wavy rotary cutter.  The evidence was clear:  The “murder”  weapon was near the “victim” with the red rick-rack circling his neck and a piece of red fabric (indicating blood) by his head.  We were given clues throughout the weekend.  Unfortunately, at the end, the rational for “who” the murderer was included a lot of clues that we were not given.  So that part was frustrating!  And the quilt … yes, the quilt!  I finished the top with grandiose ideas to piece the back … and so it has sat and sat and sat … languishing … ignored and totally forgotten – until today! That brings my total UFOs at the start of 2018 up to 60.  I’m still going to stick with finishing 28 for my PHD.

PHD in 2018  //  UFO tally

With my latest UFO find – the number of UFOs left to complete has increased by 1.  I certainly hope I do not find any more UFOs.  If I do … I might just pretend that I didn’t find them.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 2.11.01 PM

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26 thoughts on “Fabric Anorexia?

  1. Hi Gail,
    While you were strong and didn’t purchase anything, I on the other hand purchased enough for both of us. I am going in the other direction – Fabrics Overeaters for sure. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Fabric flu, maybe? Though I celebrate when there is nothing extra I want at a fabric store, makes leaving with only what I came for easier! I’m afraid to do too much cleaning in my sewing closet for fear I’ll find more UFOs…


    • 🙂 Emily, I did find a bunch of UFOs last year when I cleaned and sorted through my fabric. And then this last one … sigh … I’m seriously hoping that there are NO MORE hiding away! And yes, I do try to celebrate when I can leave a quilt store with only what I needed!


  3. Hmmm… If you have Quilter’s Anorexia, then I have Quilter’s Bulimia or Quilter’s Compulsive Binge Eating or something. If I walk into a quilt shop and only leave with one piece of fabric, there’s something wrong with the quilt shop and they are probably about to go out of business.


    • LOL !!! I used to have Quilter’s Compulsive Binge Eating … that’s why I have STABLE (STash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy) … And it doesn’t help that I once bought the “end” of a quilt store ready to go out of business! 🙂


  4. You are too funny. I hope you don’t have “fabric flu” or something worse. I’m not sure there is a cure other than visiting lots of Local quilt shops. If you keep looking for UFOs, you might just surpass my number. I too have been keeping track for 10 years or more and they are down substantially; but still way too many to feel good about starting new quilts. Hope you don’t find any more.


    • Hi Dar, I certainly hope I don’t find any more!!! I’m going to Edmonton and my sister has arranged for a friend of her’s to take me to at least one, if not 2 quilt shops … that might not help my stash numbers! Nor my pledge to finish everything that I start in 2018! Happy Quilting!


  5. You make me laugh!!
    I just started clue 3 of En Provence…yes, I’m a year behind. Didn’t even bother to print out On Ringo Lake! I love both years mystery quilts! You are to blame as I never heard of Bonni Hunter til you told me!!


    • Well Connie, each quilt was made one stitch at a time! Your En Provence will get done … it’s not a race … but I promise you, that if you work on it for about 15 minutes a day – you’ll be amazed at how quick it comes together. Besides, remember how awesome it felt when you finished, not one, but TWO Allietarw???? Happy Quilting!


  6. I loved your title – Fabric Anorexia! Made me smile! There are times when I’m just done buying fabric, too. Those don’t happen often though! 🙂
    The quilt is lovely and the doggy ever so cute!
    Great idea – the PHD list! Good luck!


  7. I plan to check my UFO list at the end of this year to make sure it’s complete, after I’ve used a bunch of fabric and finished some UFOs. I also wonder if I’ve missed some along the way.


    • Well, I’ve had my UFO list going for over 10 years now … and I’m still finding things that I forgot to write down when I started them … groan … Good luck with your list! 🙂


  8. Your week looks a lot like mine, except I didn’t have to wait in line to buy my binding. I even started to use the word languishing to describe the UFOs I found, except they weren’t languishing as much as hiding. lol


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