Temptation …

The Temptation

I have belonged to Kathy Tracy’s “Small Quilt Talk” yahoo group for simply ages.  They have recently moved to a different platform and I joined.  While looking around the new site, I saw the photos and files of the new MYSTERY quilt.  I LOVE mystery quilts.  They stretch me.  You don’t have to join the group – her mystery is available FREE (until it’s over) if you click HERE.  And then click on the Mystery Quilt tab.

Of course, since I’m working on my Quilting PHD in 2018, everything I start in 2018, has to be finished this year.  So, if I was to start this Mystery quilt – I’d have to finish it.  It’s small 30″x 30″.  I could rationalize it … my need to start something NEW … to use up some of my stash.  I’m sure I could come up with lots of other reasons to start this quilt!

Of course, I’m going to resist this temptation.  I’m just writing about it on my blog in case **YOU** want to participate.    Image result for Free face winking Clip Art

Design Wall:


This is the Queen Size Beginner mystery quilt that we did with the guild.  The bobbins are wound – I’m going to stitch in the ditch around the multitude of 4 patches … I’ll decide later what I’ll put in the negative spaces.


After debating which quilt I wanted to finish piecing, I decided to work on Orca Bay #2. Mostly because it has the most piecing left to do and it is still February.  That gives me 10 months to finish the top, sandwich it, quilt & bind it.  The worst parts are already done (the blue and red string blocks).  If I calculate correctly, I think I have 6 billion more pieces to sew together for this quilt.  (Yes, that is a slight exaggeration!)  I originally did Orca Bay #1 as a mystery quilt in 2011.  That quilt was gifted and I want one of my own.  And, I want it bigger …  This quilt can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book, “String Fling” available at the Quiltville website.

You can see a picture of Orca Bay HERE.

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8 thoughts on “Temptation …

  1. didn’t look at that mystery. have temptation enough in my life, quiltwise, anyway. I did look up Bonnie’s String Fling. All I can say, is “good luck” .6billion pieces is an underestimate.


  2. Mysteries are my weakness. It’s so hard not to play along. I tell myself that if I finish half of what is on my UFO list, I can play along next year.


  3. Hi Gail,
    What a pal; what a friend! Just sharing Mystery Quilt information IN CASE we want to start it!!! Thanks. You know darn well I had to go check it out . . . I’m staying strong. I am starting a queen size Postcard from Sweden that has to be all finished this year or no PHD for me. Only 6 billion more pieces to quilt huh? You probably got 1 billion finished today. ~smile~ Roseanne


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