A Whatchamacallit Week

This week has been totally different for me.  You can decide what to call it, but I’m calling it “Whatchamacallit.” And yes, Whatchamacallit is a ligit word, it’s in the dictionary!

SEW … this week started off by me travelling up to the southern Okanogan Valley to meet with my sister and a bunch of her friends from Edmonton.  The purpose was to go wine tasting.  I’m not a great consumer of wine and have been known to have the odd half glass and the occasional full glass.    On Monday, I made it to 3 wineries (the group was going to 5) and that was enough for me.  I did spot a quilt store in Pentiction, but didn’t venture over to it.  That probably saved me a little bit of money!  🙂

However, I did set up my featherweight in the corner of the living room and worked on a quilt!  There was a lot of interest … a few would like to learn to quilt, one fellow said the machine reminded him of a relative’s treadle and so on.   One lady took a picture of my set-up and was going to show her daughter, Sarah.  I don’t know if you remember, but Sarah, when she was 16 years old had made a quilt a few years ago and I showed it on my blog.  You can check out the post HERE.  One interesting thing I found out was that Sarah’s mom does not quilt!!!

Sarah's Quilt 1

And when I look at this quilt again, I am totally amazed that a 16 year old put it together. She definitely has talent!!!

Now … the rest of the week … I usually work Monday & Tuesday, but I will be working Wed, Thurs, Fri and Saturday!  How will I survive?

Daisy Chain Mystery Quilt

Alison, of Little Bunny Quilts is having a link-up for those of us that made the quilt to show it off.  There are quite a few different quilts.  I continue to be amazed at how colour choices can totally make the quilt look very different!   Go check them out at the  Daisy Chain Link-up

Daisy Chain Mystery Quilt.jpg

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 


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May 20 – Monday’s Update

image  The last block for the Daisy Chain Mystery is up.  The clues had me guessing until the very last minute!!!  It’s a great mystery!  Thank you, Little Bunny Quilts!!!

So, I pieced the last blocks together and I was so excited to see this quilt put together, I didn’t take any pictures of the block until the quilt was sandwiched! fullsizeoutput_b2d T


These “cross” blocks pieced together very quickly!  All the units were previously put together, so it was very easy to do!

Once I had the blocks done, I was eager to see how my quilt would look.  SEW … I put it all together.  The instructions tell you to pay attention to the orientation of the “star” blocks and the “cross” blocks. Amazingly, I did pay attention and I didn’t have to reach for my seam ripper!!!!  Perhaps, I’m learning to follow directions? Continue reading

Beginning of April!


I know I often see other’s writing on their blogs and saying “Where did the month go to?”   And, I’ve often thought, “really? It went by one day at a time!”  YUP – one day at a time and each day FLEW by this month.  So fast!  So very fast, I’m wondering, “Where did the month go to?”

Design Wall



This is Week 4: Unit C of the Daisy Chain Mystery. The blocks on the lower left are all trimmed, I still need to trim about half of them.  This step is a little time consuming, but not too bad!  And easy to do.  The directions are very clear and easy to follow.  It’s still not too late to join in the mystery. Continue reading

Travelling to a quilt show and quilting at home

We had a fun bus trip to Monroe Washington to see all the quilts on display.  Wow oh, WOW!!!  There were over 500 quilts … tons of eye candy … I took a picture of only a fraction of them.  Click on the slideshow below to see what I took pictures of.  Of course, I took pictures of every single Bonnie Hunter design I could find!  🙂   I also included the description of each quilt … usually following the quilt, but some of them came before the quilt …  I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

Continue reading

Colour bleeding

I haven’t had a lot of issues with colour bleeding.  But I have had a few.img_0070

I posted in Oct. 2016 HERE about how the label bled really bad … so bad that I could see it moving quickly and without thinking too much, I cut it out really fast!  I was using a solid green of my grandmother’s fabric … the green went into recycling.  It did not have a long life in my sewing room!  I ended up fixing the disastrous corner and you can read about it HERE. Continue reading

Friday … small partial finishes

img_2980.jpgHello!  I’ve been working away … SLOWLY … at the Good Fortune mystery.  I thought I had all of the 4 patch blocks done … until I was doing the final pressing and realized that I have about 10 blocks where the corner 4 patches are turned around …  groan … oh well, I’m just 10 blocks away from finishing these blocks.

PS:  If you want to do this mystery, make sure that you download all the clues before the end of the month! Continue reading