Moving right along with finishing!


The little quilt in the 2nd picture was made with left-overs from the quilt on the right.  The one on the right was finished in January.  You can see a close-up of the quilting HERE.

The “Left-over” quilt has not been washed yet – so it’s not a wrinkly and cozy.  It’s 45″ x 45″.  The backing and black border were also left-overs from another quilt. I did not have enough fabric to bind it in one colour. SEW, I used both green and red fabric to bind it.

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I’m mudding the waters.

Yup, I am.  In my last post (HERE),  I said that I had 2 finishes.  That is still correct.  But, I attributed both finishes to my UFO list.  That is incorrect.  One (Square Dance) was started this year and the other (Kangaroo) was a UFO.  Now to achieve my PHD in 2018, I did need to finish Square Dance, but Kangaroo was an option out of all my UFOs.  All of this to say, I have 9 UFO’s to finish for my PHD in 2018.  SEW … hopefully the muddy water’s are clear again!   Image result for smiley face clip art free

Design Wall

  1. Fireburst: this a mystery from “Tish’s Adventures in Wonderland.”  I thought I was done the step for this month (the flying geese), but when I went to her blog to get the URL, I realized that it said “Flying Geese and Square in a Square.”  Guess I’ll have to make the square in a square – right?

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2 July finishes!!

That’s correct!  I’ve got 2 finishes!  That leaves me with 8 UFOs and 2 new projects to finish before the end of the year for PHD in 2018!


This Kangaroo quilt is done, done, done.  The label is on and it’s ready to be gifted!  There is pinky minky on the back.  Last week I talked about how easy it was to quilt.  And, I mentioned that I did not like the mess it made when it was trimmed.  When I was putting the binding on, I also found another dislike: it’s HOT!!!  It’ll be nice and cuddly in the winter.  If it wasn’t going to be gifted soon, then I would have put it aside until it was cooler!

Edit:  This quilt was a panel, contrary to some beliefs, I did NOT appliqué it.  Just added the borders onto the panel!

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Playing with Embroidery

I have an embroidery machine.  It’s OLD and the hoops are small.  At work, I was told that I needed to learn to use the embroidery machine.  A big one.  It’s nice.  But I don’t have it at home.  I can work my way around it and have designed several things, using the designs that are build in.

But I wanted to try appliqué in the hoop, on my machine.  There is a real cute pattern at Sweet Pea, an Australian company.  It’s a free pattern. “Learn in the Hoop.”


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10 Reasons my UFOs languish …

First … no finishes, but almost!  This is the quilt I talk about below … the one with minky on the back.  At first, I wasn’t going to use batting, but later decided to put some in.  I’m glad I did … it made the animals a bit puffy.  Which is nice!

A friend of mine, Donna, told me to make sure it was well adhered.  Sew, I did. And I pinned it in about a dozen places.  It was easy to quilt: moved easily around and I liked the affect on the back!  The only thing I did not like was the MESS when I trimmed the minky, I wish I had taken it outside to do.

AND the binding is ready to be put on …

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