PHD in 2018 – October Report

H A P P Y    H A L L O W E E N !

OK…. Sew today is the last day of October … Halloween!  That means that I need to report on my PHD in 2018 and the progress of those that joined in the fun!

Hmmm, I’m not thoroughly impressed with what I got finished in October.  But I did finish 2 projects that were started in 2018 (Wonky Logs and Giraffe) … and 2 more are in progress …  When they are done, I will focus on the UFOs left.


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No sewing when I’m away …

I was away for a bit … travelling in some weird white stuff for part of it.  But, since my sister didn’t drive into the ditch, I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s not too bad of a driver.  Although, I’m not sure if my white knuckles have regained their colour yet! Wink spokesperson clipart free clipart image image


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After a trunk show

I did a trunk show around the middle of the month … When the trunk show is over and everyone has looked at the quilts, they all get put into the bags I brought them in.  It would take too long to do it in an orderly fashion, so they just get folded and put into bags.

The next day, I take them out of the bags and begin the process of sorting through them.  There are quilts that go back onto the beds, there are Christmas quilts, there are quilts for when we have extra people, there are quilts that I use for teaching and there are quilts that might be gifted in the near future. This is what it looks like when I empty the bags and before I start to sort:

After about 2 hours, the quilts (not including the ones that were put on the beds look like this:


The quilts on top of the red bags have specific destinations in the house.

Other than the quilt my grandmother made for my parents wedding, I usually don’t show any quilts made by others.  This time I showed one that was half made by my grandmother and finished by me years ago.  You can read the story HERE.  And you can see all the quilts that I made using Grandma’s fabrics HERE.  I also showed “Thank you Notes” made by my cousin, Terry.  This was given to me with blocks signed by cousins and aunts and uncles that have received quilts.  When I received “Thank you Notes” I was overwhelmed and there were quite a few tears of astonishment! You can read that story HERE.

At the trunk show, several people asked me about “Thank-you Notes” … they thought it was a great idea.  It is a Missouri Star pattern called “You’ve got Mail.

Happy Quilting!


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Our Beautiful Fall Continues!

Oh – it is so lovely outside!  Although I’m missing summer, I’m loving these wonderful west coast fall days.  It’s hard to be inside when it’s so nice outside!  However, they are forecasting rain for Tuesday, so this wonderful days will come to an end.

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Beautiful Fall Days

It is beautiful right now on the West coast of Canada.  Cool crisp nights, some morning fog, and sun in the afternoon.  It’s hard, very hard to stay inside and quilt when it is so nice outside!


However, I have been working with digitizing software.  It’s Artistic-Digitizer_500.jpgactually fun!  A simple project that I have been working on is taking an element from the fabric in the quilt, making a simple outline and stitching it out.

It worked great on my sample, (first picture), but when I tried to put it on the quilt, it wouldn’t line up right: see the “line” between the ears?”  I have a very small machine and I don’t think it was intended for quilting.  I will finish the quilt on a bigger machine at work.

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!




Design Wall

No piecing … but I’m having fun quilting the Wonky Logs quilt!  Craftsy / Blueprint is free this week. My cousin Terry told me to watch “Wild Quilting.”  Oh, it was an excellent class!  I don’t have a tone of wide open spaces to apply her techniques but I did take notes!  However, if YOU are interested in Free Motion Quilting – I would advise you to watch this class!

I know that I said I wouldn’t use straight lines in this quilt … but as you can see in the green square, I changed my mind!  I’ve got about half of the blocks done!  Six more to go!


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Deciding what “Quilt as Desired” is

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.38.59 PM

Lately, I’ve seen people in blog-land asking about how to decide on what to quilt. Sew, I thought I’d blog about what I do.

I used to absolutely HATE it when I saw “Quilt as Desired” on a pattern.  It made me wonder if the designer had no idea on how to quilt what she/he designed?  As a beginner quilter, it left me frustrated and at a loss of what to do.    Now – it just gives me the freedom to do what I want without any outside influences.

SEW … that brings me to “How do I decide what to quilt?”   I have a quite a few Pinterest boards with links to various sites: Free Motion Quilting (FMQ), Leah Day,  Ruler Work and links to FMQ videos   All of these provide inspiration and ideas.  I have a few books with quilting ideas in them.  But my favourite of all is my own personal notebook.  This book was a gift that a quilting friend made – isn’t it cute?img_2420.jpg

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