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Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 1.45.32 PMThis book came out in December.

As I said before, I love the premise of this book.  You make a specific block, cut it as directed and voilá  – you have a completely different block with a big difference!  It’s a little like the disappearing 9 patch and disappearing 4 patch … but with totally different results!

If you want to see a lot of eye candy with patterns from this book – make sure that you visit all the different blogs on the blog hop.


Purple ShellsOn February 4 (my day!) I will have a giveaway.  You will be able to win an electronic copy of Turnabout Patchwork!  I will show a new quilt (a sneak peak on the left and be revisiting the quilt on the right. Continue reading

Not much to show!

I’ve been sick … but I won’t gross you out with the details.

Today I saw a robin!!!  YAY!!! Spring is on the way!  Sorry, no picture,  I wasn’t fast enough before it flew away!

Stash Report

Nothing is finished, so nothing taken away …  no shopping / no fabric buying!

* Fabric Used this week: 0 yards
* Fabric Used this year: 0 yards
* Fabric Added this Week:   0 yards
* Fabric Added this Year: 4.5 yards
* Net Fabric Used for 2019: 3.4 yards
* Husband’s purchases 5 yards

Design Wall

I thought I was making great progress on Bonnie Hunter mystery,  Good Fortune … as I said in my last post, Ithought I had all the grey sides added on,  … I did but I had to unsew about 10 of them as I didn’t have the white making the X.  All I’ve done is finished the ripping, but haven’t sewn them back together.

img_2980 Continue reading

Friday … small partial finishes

img_2980.jpgHello!  I’ve been working away … SLOWLY … at the Good Fortune mystery.  I thought I had all of the 4 patch blocks done … until I was doing the final pressing and realized that I have about 10 blocks where the corner 4 patches are turned around …  groan … oh well, I’m just 10 blocks away from finishing these blocks.

PS:  If you want to do this mystery, make sure that you download all the clues before the end of the month! Continue reading

Quilt Labels

Do you label your quilts?

Is it important to label your quilts?

I believe that every quilt that YOU make is important enough for a label.

The quilt below was made by my Grandma.  This is a fact.  I believe that it was made for my parents wedding, but there is no one alive to verify that.  They got married in 1950.  A label would tell the whole story,


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Another Goal for 2019

I’m going to join Kate at Life in Pieces in her 15 minutes of stitching a day.   I used to do this when I was working full time.  Sitting at the machine for 15 minutes was a great de-stresser!

Although I don’t have the stress that I had when I was working, I still need to sit down at my machine. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  when I am home.   I obviously can’t take a machine with me every time I travel (although, I’d like to!).

At first, I was hesitant to join in because I already know of two major trips that are happening this year … and then my percentage would go down – big time.  Who am I trying to kid?  Who cares about what percentage of time I sit at the sewing machine?  Probably only me.  SEW … I made the decision that I will only count the days that I am home.

My 15 minutes to stitch will NOT include:

  • time on the computer
    • reading quilting blogs
    • working on EQ
    • writing blog posts
    • digitizing embroidery patterns
    • responding to comments on my blog
  • time watching my embroidery machine
  • time sewing at work

15 Minutes to Stitch will include:

  • Time piecing quilts or projects
  • Time quilting on my domestic sewing machine

Are you going to join Kate & I in 15 Minutes to Stitch 2019?

Happy Quilting!


Need Inspiration?

I follow a blog called “Virtual Quilter.”  Judy Butcher designs quilts in EQ and posts daily pitcures of her creations.  She has an amazing range of wonderful quilts.

I asked for permission to post some of her pictures … and here they are … with links to the original post.

Julianne’s Star From Dec. 31,. 2018  LINK is HERE  .  I love the contrast between the  background and the blocks.  The quilting really enhances the quilt!

Continue reading

Slow Stitchin’

Design Wall

Well, when you don’t keep up with all the parts of Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery … it takes a LOT of time to catch up … On Friday, I sewed with friends … I was hoping to at least get one of each block done – that didn’t happen!

img_2794Then I asked for opinions … for my gray – for the blocks with the teal 4 patches. I had 5 different grays … only one of them was big enough (the one on the left) to make the rectangles that went with the 4 patches … It was voted down … too dark … the others were too light,  or just right … but none of that mattered since there was not enough of the “just right” one to do the trick.  My friend’s solution was “quit being lazy and strip them together like the pattern suggests.” img_2795HA! HA!  And THEY are the ones that tease me endlessly about sewing with small pieces!  (Don’t I have awesome friends?) SEW, I’ve been sewing strips of grey fabric together for my rectangles.  One strip is made. No blocks are made yet! But I’m liking the strips.

I am no where near the reveal … On Monday, I’ll be linking to Good Fortune Linky Party.  There is bound to be some who have the top completed.  And, there’s probably a few that have not slept since Friday and have it quilted.   Me? I’m enjoying the slow stitchin’.

Stash Report

Yes, I bought fabric this week.  I needed binding for Purple Shells.  And YES, I’m going to keep track of my husband’s purchases – separate from mine!  If I use them, then I’ll subtract what I use from HIS purchase.  (GRIN!)Purple Shells

screen shot 2019-01-05 at 11.02.43 pm

PHD in 2019:  Quilting UFOs and Finishing New Projects

If you want to join us to decrease your UFOs and finish your new projects – you have until Jan. 20, 2019 … more information is HERE.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 11.10.17 PM.png

Summary:  I finished Purple Shells … I counted it as a Start in 2019 even though it was started in late December. (Mostly because I didn’t want to add to my UFO list!

There are no UFOs finished, I’m just slow stitchin’ on Good Fortune.

Happy Quilting!


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