A Little bit of my trip …

Oh me, oh my!!!  What an awesome trip I had.  I spent a week in England/Wales, a week in Johannesburg, 3 days in Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls), 5 days on Safari in Namibia at Etosha National Park, 4 days in Cape Town, and finally 2 days in Paris.  If you ever consider an African Safari – let me know, and I will give you the name of a fabulous company and the most wonderful guide!

Visit my YouTube video HERE to see pictures from my trip that may inspire future quilts. These pictures were all taken with my phone and were chosen from over 3,000 pictures that I took.


This is a sewing machine that was in a store in Cape Town, where the owner makes all of the clothes for sale right in the store.  This machine was one of the “newer” ones. The ones they use on a daily basis were in the back and unfortunately, I didn’t get to see them! Somehow, I suspect that the decals are not in the prestine condition of this machine!


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