Quilting Hints & Tips

 How to web a quilt!  

This video will show you how to easily web a quilt together so you don’t get the blocks mixed up!

How to Cut Perfect Borders for your Quilt


To prevent sewing the “extra” backing onto the back of your quilt,

turn up and pin the corners: Check it out here.

Quilt as Desired

Check out this post to see how I plan “Quilt as Desired.”

Sewing Batting Scraps together.

Check it out HERE.

One of my favourite mottos,

when it comes to quilting is “Done is better than perfect!”  I know that we are our own worst critiques!  What good is a quilt top that languishes in the closet waiting for “some day”?  A few weeks ago, I listened to a pod-cast by a famous long-arm quilter and she said that she has yet to meet a perfect quilter.  Even the best of the best know that there are mistakes in their quilts.

Ignore the fear.

Many quilters are afraid to try new techniques because they fear they are not good enough.  Each of us started out in life without being able to walk … eventually, for most of us, we were able to walk without fear of falling.  We just kept getting up and trying again.