A disastrous bleed

I always wash my quilts after they are quilted, label is on and the binding is finished.  I was a little suspect of my green label because it bleed a little when I used glue to secure it in place.  Thinking that a “color catcher” would be enough, I put Grandma’s Fabric quilt #6 in the wash.  Whoa!  I pulled it out right away.  Took it to the kitchen sink and tried Sunlight bar soap, vinegar … nothing was working and you could literally watch the colour seeping further and further.  I did the only thing I could think of: I grabbed a pair of scissors and and cut the label out.

Labels 7-12 were already done – they instantly went into the garbage, along with the offending green fabric.

So now I have some mending to do.  The plan is to cut the corner in a triangle shape, unstitch a good inch or so, add backing, batting and the white top.  Then, add a new label, quilt it and try to figure out how to join the binding on the corner  …  I do not want to take miles of binding so that I can have mitred binding.   Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to do it?

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Edit: I was just reading an email from The Quilt Show and it contained a link to Colorways by Vici Welsh … she has tested a few detergents and has found that Dawn Ultra Pure is one of the best to prevent colour running … a little late for me, but something to remember if I suspect a fabric will run.

Hope your quilting does not involve as much re-doing!


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  4. AAAGGGHHHH, sitting at your sister’s and just read this to her…..having a great visit overnight! I can only imagine your horror as the dye was about to seep over that precious quilt! Your solution, broke my heart, but it will be a GREAT story!!


  5. There is an alternative binding method where you actually join at the corners. I did it once and it worked on. I’ll try to find the tutorial for you. I’m so glad you were able to rescue your quilt before the stain spread any further. I had a catastrophe with maroon once that was unsalvageable.


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