Make it Faster Workshop

Early this year, I taught a group how to “Make it Scrappy and Faster”. This included using the “Easy Angle” ruler and to do “Leader’s and Enders” mug-rug project.   Leader’s and Enders is a phrase coined by Bonnie Hunter of . I had been doing a version of this before I ever heard of the Internet and blogging: I called it 2 at a time.  It’s basically an assembly line method of working on 2 quilts, or 2 different portions of the quilt, at the same time.  People often ask how I get so many quilts done and I believe these 2 techniques are the answer.

Here are photos of the participants quilts.

Dawn, Heidi, Linda and Isabelle put their quilts together in the traditional “Jewel Box” setting.

Matt, Barb, Dawn and Laurel  put them together in a different arrangement.  Matt made his larger with the design off-centre.  I find it exciting when people take what you give them and make it their own!  And yes, Dawn made both the blue one above and the pink one below.  Others have told me that they’ve made more, but I haven’t seen any pictures.


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