Grandma’s Quilts: 12 done!

I have 12 quilts finished.  # 13 is currently being quilted, but I’m not sure it’ll be finished before I go away for a week.  Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and I took the opportunity to freeze my hands and get pictures of 12 of the quilts.  I know I’ve shown a few of the quilts on the blog, but not all of them. These 2 pictures show all 12 in order from #1 on the left to #12 on the right.

And here’s a picture of all the labels with the backing fabrics:G'ma Labels #1-12

This is a picture of #11 & #12.  #11 is made with 2½” squares and #12 is made with 2″ squares.  Size does make a difference!  Quilt #13 is the same pattern as #12, but with less variety of fabrics because I’ve used up a lot of the fabrics.  G'ma # 11 & 12

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