The Last Friday of 2016


Every year around New Years, I make my UFO list (UnFinished Objects … or Quilts).  I try to keep track of all my quilt starts and when they are finished.  Last year, I had 47 UFOs on Jan 1.  This year I will have 38!  I’m pleased that the number is down … although, much higher than I’d like it to be. Only 10 of the quilts just need quilting and binding.

There is much discussion on the web as to what defines a UFO.  I find it easiest to consider each quilt that is in progress on January 1 as an UFO.

In 2016, I started 30 quilts!  Wow!  I find that hard to believe. And of those 30 quilts, I finished 22 of them!  All of them have been gifted or will be in the near future.

Here’s my plan to tackle my UFOs:  Every Monday, I quilt with a lovely bunch of ladies.  I have a personal “rule” that I only work on UFOs.  I threw that rule out this year as my priorities changed and I was working on the quilts made with Grandma’s fabrics.  However, January 2 is the beginning of a new year and I’ll go back to my own personal rule.

I have prioritized which ones I want to work on.

  • On Monday, which is for piecing, I will work on # 15 and #38
  • During the rest of the week, I’ll work on quilting #37 (the final quilt using Grandma’s fabrics)

Linky Party

Then on Tuesday, I will start a Linky Party and you can join in the fun.  I will be posting pictures of what I’ve worked on and you can do the same.  If you have a blog – you enter the URL of the blog post and fill in all the rest of the blanks.  If you don’t have a blog, you can use a flicker page or a Pinterest page that contains a photo of your work.

Mystery Quilt


Well, I have caught up on my clues for Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt!  Yeah!!! Yes, I’ve gotten all of the blocks for Part 1 to 5 completed!   I’ve been doing the yearly mysteries since 2009 and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten caught up.  Clue 6 came out this morning & i’ll get started on it later today!


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Happy Quilting and Happy New Year! 




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  1. youve inspired me==maybe, just maybe,I will sort out my stuff and make a list of projects to finish. Right now my strategy is to just finish all the projects already out and about on my tables and quilting machine. Maybe that’s what I do! tomorrow=or tonght after the chiefs game.


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