Nothing finished this week. However there is progress on two main projects that I’m working on.

Shakespeare in the Park: 

Large star blocks and snail trail blocks are now done.  I only had 2 star blocks done on Monday, but I concentrated on making them and finished the other 14 blocks. Now I’m working on making more of the small star blocks … I have 20 done and need to make 18 dark (shown) and 18 light.

Orca Bay:

img_0463-1Red string “yardage” was added on to and became these red string triangles.  This is only about 1/3 of how many I need.



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4 thoughts on “Friday

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  2. First time I see Shakespeare wearing green. It looks real good. I did mine in scrappy blue and neutral. Still not quilted as I want to hand quilt it. It is a long to assemble this quilt but so worth it. Enjoy! ;^)


    • Hi Chantal, It’s a frustrating quilt to put together. So far, I’ve done more ripping than sewing. I’d love to see a picture of your top. I went to your blog and found the pic of your Shakespeare … looks lovely … love the extra stars that you put in!


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