Do you see what I see?


Look at that middle star!  I have absolutely NO idea how that happened!  It’s the correct colours, but in the wrong position.

I have some frogging to do!!  And since I’ve already done some anchor quilting – it’ll be a hand stitching job … groan ….

Later:  Once I had the block out, I measured the pieces.  They were all weird numbers, like 2 3/16th square.  What??  I would have remembered something THAT strange!  This is one problem with UFOs: You forget what you did!  So, I pulled out the pattern and then it all made sense.  I needed to make a 1/4 square triangle.  IMG_0863When I had originally made it, I had put the stitch and flip dark brown triangles on the wrong corners.  So, the misbehaving block has been removed and the  1/4 square triangle is made, tucked into place and slip stitched in. Now, I just need to quilt it!IMG_0860


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5 thoughts on “Do you see what I see?

  1. Gail, Unless the quilt was for something very special, I am pretty sure I would have been too lazy to fix it…especially if it was a UFO. You are a quilting wonder woman to spend that time to make it right. Congratulations! You deserve to do something special for yourself today.


  2. Hi Gail,
    I never would have noticed that if you hadn’t pointed it out. Of course, it would have bothered you FOREVER if you hadn’t fixed it. It would have been your go-to-point every time you looked at the quilt. Good for you for fixing it. It is a lovely quilt, and good for you for finishing up a UFO. ~smile~


  3. Wow! I’m impressed that you are fixing your ‘oops’! I would have left it. Makes your quilt more interesting – but it is very beautiful! Sounds like it was a hard pattern – all those fractions!
    You have a lovely day!


  4. Well, you fixed it well. I finished a quilt top awhile back and while I was taking pictures for my blog, I noticed that I had flipped a few of the blocks upside down. It bothered me to no end, but I decided to leave them. The top has enough movement that most people looking at it won’t notice unless they really study it. I’ll always see it, so it will be a good reminder to pay attention in the future! Haha.


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