Another “no finish” Friday

OK … I’ve been busy … it’s OK to not have a finish to write about today … really it is …

Yesterday & today, I was helping a friend with her booth “The Steamtrunk.”  It’s work, but it’s fun.  I get to visit with my friend while we set up, and then, when the customers come, I get to see a lot of people that I haven’t seen for awhile.  Yes, it’s fun!  I didn’t have time to take a picture of the booth today – these pictures are from a year ago.

Orca Bay

IMG_1528Is webbed together!  I had the blocks all organized in my weird “scrap” organization way … I had all but one column of Ohio stars and one of red triangles and blue string blocks left to do and I realized that I didn’t have enough of the red triangle blocks.  In fact, I was 17 short.  Oh GROAN!  Oh groan! … SEW … my rationalization kicked in. Here’s my thinking:

  • I don’t want all 17 of those blocks in the final section to be almost identical.
  • I don’t want to take out any of the webbing.
  • I’m running out of black and I’m not going to buy fabric – no way!!!

img_1527.jpgSo my conclusion is: finish the quilt just like the pattern says.  Make it bigger by adding borders … Yes, I do have 4 black and 4 white Ohio stars left and some of the blue string blocks … but I can do a few things with them.  I can make a table runner, make a tote bag, make a few zipper bags or put them on the “free” table at the guild.

Of course, at this point in time, I don’t really have a plan … but if I do something with them – you’ll find out in a future blog post.


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13 thoughts on “Another “no finish” Friday

  1. Improvising! Yep! I do it a lot. I love scrappy quilts and quilts with lots of variety of fabrics. That can really save a person at the end if you run out, but ofcourse, you don’t want a whole row to be the same fabrics. I am glad you sorted it out. That is the way with quitls. We just sort it out and it is still beautiful in the end.


    • Thanks, Deana … yes, there is usually a solution to a quilt problem … If I had a variety of blacks – I could have made it work … but I don’t and I’m not going to buy any – so there is a work-around! 🙂


  2. Hi Gail. Don’t you just love Orca Bay! I made 2 also. One lives in Calgary and I have one. Now I’ve used the remaining black and white scraps and just need to bind a tiny bundles quilt for donation. Orca Bay is definitely my favourite of Bonnie’s mysteries. Haven’t finished On Ringo Lake. I’m working on scraps these days…..want to clear some of those 2″ sqs.
    From Laurelle: no longer has red dots…She had a hip replacement almost 2 years ago and is still suffering. Yeah for old age!


    • Hi Dianne! I’m also orienting the red triangles with the wide part towards the white … something you had me lay out … and of course, I like it better! I have been thinking about you as I was piecing them together! Sew thankful for you encouraging me in everything Bonnie! Sorry to hear about Laurelle’s hip suffering … yes, old age is the pits! Can’t wait to see your On Ringo Lake! Happy Quilting 🙂 !


  3. I’m sew jealous that you are able to help your friend with her booth. That would be such fun!
    If I were closer I’d come to the show and visit.
    I am looking forward to the spring shows around here though. Creative is in a few weeks and I want to explore some others this year.
    Happy quilting!


    • Are you going to the Creative in Toronto. If so – spend LOTS of time at Hamels. When I was buying fabric – my credit card got used there a LOT!!! Went with Connie to their store in Chilliwack … beautiful! It’s a good thing I don’t live too close! Happy Quilting 🙂 !


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