May 14 Stash & Design

IMG_1728This top is almost ready to sandwich.  It’s a pretty simple pattern, and one I have made a few times.  It’s a great pattern when you want to show-case a fabric.

But, I do not have anything quilting related finished.

However, I do have my garden planted and I noticed that some of the radishes are up, and a few pea plants are poking their head through the dirt!   We’ve had a couple of harvests of rhubarb … yes, spring is here!

Design Wall and Quilting

Nothing new to report!

PHD in 2018 Update

no changes

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Stash Report

I was pretty good at the show as far as buying goes.  A few friends stopped by and showed me what they had bought … oh, yes … temptation raised it’s head.  One friend had a couple of bundles of neutrals … one of them had writing on it … I even asked which vender she bought it from … I didn’t go near that vender.  That helped knock down the temptation.  But … oh yes, there is a but … I did buy a piece of cork.  A pretty, almost navy blue piece.  There is a plan … but not for awhile …    Sorry, but no picture.  I tried to take one but it looks like a blob, and nowhere near the true colour.

SEW that adds a total of 1/2 yard to my “bought” fabrics. (No the cork wasn’t a full ½ yard, but I’m rounding up because it’s easier to calculate!)

Fabric Used this Week:    0  yards  
Fabric Used year to Date:  150.1  yards
Fabric Added this Week:     0.5  yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date: 27.5 yards
Net Fabric used for 2017:  122.1  yards 

Week 4: New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop


Week 4 is in progress.  If you hopped to all the last week, I’m sure that you saw lots and lots of wonderful eye candy.    I promise that you will see more again this week.

Here are the list of blogs to hop around this week:

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Happy Quilting!


8 thoughts on “May 14 Stash & Design

  1. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday. I can picture your sweet garden plants peeking out of the soil. I used to have a garden, but now I don’t have the energy to do it. I don’t know what cork means for quilting. Is it a thin layer of actual cork that you can sew?

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    • Hi Judy,
      Cork is actually a little bit like leather – only it’s cork. It is thin and durable. However, one needs to be careful when sewing as you don’t want to remove stitches from it.
      I don’t think I’d use it in a quilt – but for bags / purses / wallets – it’s a great option.
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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  3. Hi Gail,
    I have been thinking about cork myself, but limiting it to only a thought. Navy sounds fabulous though – I’ve only seen it in shades of brown which doesn’t float my boat. Another reason it could remain only a thought. Can’t wait to see what you do with it! ~smile~ Roseanne

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