Routine Maintenance

I decided that I needed to do some routine chores. Yes, you know the ones … the ones you put off until “next time!”

First, it was my rotary cutter. I keep 2 on my cutting table … one has a duller blade and the other, theoretically, has a fresher blade. Why a dull blade? you ask? Cutting batting DULLS blades. I don’t want a fresh blade to become dull quickly.

My blue cutter will get a new blade, the blue cutter’s blade will go in my yellow cutter and it’s blade will go into the “used” blade container. I KNOW that cutting with my blue cutter will be a joy! And I’ll ask myself, “Why didn’t I change the blade sooner?” (And I know that most of you are the same way! ~grin~)

My next chore was to clean out the bobbin area. I didn’t think there would be much lint in there – but I was surprised! I use a paint brush to get the easy to reach areas and I use a folded pipe cleaner to reach down into harder to reach areas. (make sure you fold the pipe cleaner, you don’t want the end to scratch anything!)

And, I change my needle. I didn’t take a picture – but I know that the next time I sew, I won’t hear that tell-tale “pop” that indicates a new needle is necessary!

SEW … are you thinking that you need to do some routine maintenance? Well – as soon as you finish reading this – go and do it!

You’ll be glad that you did!

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

13 thoughts on “Routine Maintenance

  1. Good job, Gail! Your sewing tools will thank you in the long run. I just cleaned & oiled my machine yesterday! Every 2nd bobbin and I go in there for a cleaning. Besides, I’ve got a “sleep in your own bed” retreat coming up this weekend and I thought the timing of that 2nd empty bobbin was PERFECT! Have a great week!

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    • Thanks, Sue! I’m glad to hear that you do your own maintenance! Every 2nd bobbin is a great rule to follow!
      Enjoy your retreat! I hope you get a lot of sewing done! Although the visiting part is important as well! 🙂


  2. I have a purple cutter for paper. It has helped me keep my fabric cutter sharper longer. My maintenance jobs are just over as I do them on the first of the month. Blessings,

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    • Doing your maintenance jobs at the beginning of the month is a great idea! I think I sew way too much to do it that seldom! 🙂
      And having a cutter for paper is great ’cause paper also dulls cutters!


  3. Hmmm…. yes, I know I need a new needle…..and I have plenty. I have just been “lazy” about changing it.
    My rotary cutter does have a newer blade though.

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  4. Hi Gail! I am due for a new needle – I pulled out the old one the last time I sewed so I can’t do a thing until I put a new one in! I clean out my bobbin area every other bobbin but I use a Q-tip instead of the paint brush. The pipe cleaner always surprises me with what it picks up. I’m not the “chief” rotary cutter so I know that blade is fine for now, but I will be happy to remind Sue that some maintenance is due. Happy Friday! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. Well, I must admit that I probably should change the rotary cutter blades sooner than I do. However, machine maintenance is something I do weekly. I live two hours away from any kind of repair person, so I don’t leave anything to chance. I do a lot of sewing, so this is a 15 minute job that I do every Monday morning. Just something I got into the habit of doing. Now if only I could get into the habit of putting fabric away when I’m finished with it!!!!

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    • Hi Fauntie!
      I had to laugh when you said you had to get into the habit of putting fabric away when you’re finished with it!!! That would be a great habit to have! Let me know when you have success with it! and I’ll try to copy you! 🙂


  6. Always a good idea! I often do this when I begin a new project, depending on its size. I find I need to clean the dust from my newer machine more often, so I do that every other bobbin. Having all that refreshed sure does make for a nicer sewing experience.

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