Stash Report: Jan. 8, 2017

Linking to Judy Laquidera’s Stash Report each week to keep me accountable!

OK … I’ve managed one week without buying any fabric!  YEAH!!  Can I manage to do this for the next 51 weeks? 

I did finish one quilt … it was in the process of being quilted at the start of the year – so I’m only going to add the ½ yard that was used for binding. However, with all future projects, I will add in the total amounts for the project.

Fabric Used this Week:         0. 5  yards
Fabric Used year to Date:     0.5   yards
Fabric Added this Week:       0  yards
Fabric Added Year to Date:   0  yards
Net Fabric for 2017:                0.5  yards

Happy quilting!