A Fix for Friday

Friday’s Fix:

In my last blog post (click here) I showed a picture of a top that needed to be fixed.  Sometimes I can leave mistakes and call them ‘design enhancements’  but not this time.  I knew it would bug me forever – so fix it I did.  Personally, I think it looks way better and it’s the way it’s suppose to be.


Two table runners done!



Sorry, I can’t show you the front side.  One is for the “Fall Table Runner” exchange at the retreat and the other is one that I may keep or give away (not decided yet!).  And, since I haven’t decided which one will be for the exchange – you can’t see either of them.  I will show a picture of them after the exchange is completed.


Getting ready for an 8 day retreat

Yes, you read that correctly!  8 days!   It’s at a place on Camano Island called “Over the Rainbow  Lodge”   It’s a beautiful location with lots of room.  We have to do our own cooking, but that task gets shared amongst us, so it makes for a fun time.

I know that I am taking way way more than I will finish, but I’d hate to not be prepared.  And I wouldn’t want to HAVE to buy fabric for another project!  unknown-jpg

Here’s my list (so far)

  • Love Letters:  Quilt & Bind:  It’s a UFO from 2012!  Time to get it finished, don’t ya think?
  • Labyrinth Quilt:  the top is sandwiched, but I need to buy some backing … finish the sandwiching and perhaps get it quilted!  ??  maybe ???
  • Necessary Clutch – made with cork.  One of the gals at the retreat has made it before, so I’ll have help close at hand!
  • Irish Chain- with Kansas Troubles. A friend gifted me the fabric, knowing that I LOVE the warmth and cosiness of the line of fabric.  I started this in the fall, but momentum died.  I have no illusions about getting it sandwiched and quilted, but I’ll be happy if it’s a completed flimsy when I get home.
  • Charming Bag.  A friend convinced me to buy the charm pack in January and in February, she showed me her completed bag … so I’m challenged to get ‘er done!
  • And one more UFO – who knows which one I’ll put in?


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4 thoughts on “A Fix for Friday

  1. Wow! That looks like an awesome venue. I’m way over in Colorado, but I’m going to have to figure out when I can try to go out to that place. You’re smart to pack that much – better to have too much than to run out, and also good to have a larger pool than necessary to choose from when you want a break from something, so you can have something that tickles your fancy that day. 😀 [Yes, I’m jealous!!!]


  2. I missed the before picture, but the fixed quilt is beautiful! I especially love the inner border (if that is what it should be called). Enjoy the quilting retreat. Sounds like a lot of fun!


  3. I’m looking at my pile of projects to take and I think my pile is bigger. Good lord, who am I kidding that I’ll even make a dent in them!! But, I’ll have variety to choose from lol!


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