Stash Report: April 2 ’17

Stash Report

A few little purchases this week:  2 spools of thread and a zipper and (in a very small voice) two 1/2 meter cuts of fabric.  So cute I couldn’t resist.  One to add to my black stash and the other to my white with black on it stash.  Tomorrow, I’m leaving for a retreat at Over the Rainbow on Camano Island … with almost daily access to their wonderful store!  EEKES … I can see trouble with my stash report in my future!

IMG_0559I did finish 2 table runners this week.   This picture shows the backs and I promise, I’ll post a picture of the fronts after one of them has been given away at the retreat.  I’m not sure which one I’ll keep and which I’ll give away.   I like them both.  Each of the backs took about  1 yard, binding about 1/4 of a yard and the fronts took about 0.75 of a yard each.  For a total of 4 yards used!

Fabric Used this Week: 4 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 23.75 yards
Fabric Added this Week: 1.1  yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date: 16.5 yards
Net Fabric used for 2017: 6.85 yard

UFO tally

Although one of my fall table runners was in the thinking stage in 2016, I did not write it on my UFO list.  So it doesn’t count as a UFO finish. DANG!  Oh well.

I started the year with 38 UFO’s.

2017      Completed           Left to complete
Jan:             2                             36
Feb:             0                             36
Mar:            1                             35

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8 thoughts on “Stash Report: April 2 ’17

  1. Hi Gail –
    I’ve been enjoying watching your stash reports.
    Although I’m not officially tracking my stash purchases and usage, earlier this year I made a big purchase for the quilts that I PLAN to make this year. My thinking was that any other quilts/projects that I make will enable me to dig into my current collection of fabrics and (what I’m really anxious to get into…my scraps!).
    Now that I have two flimsies done, I realized that I will still need backs for them…*sigh* “a shopping I must go (again)”…
    So, I was wondering how you manage your stash report when it comes to needing/using widebacks for quilts. Do you have widebacks in your stash or are you not counting purchases of that fabric?
    Cheers coz! ❤


    • Hi Terry …. yes, I have some wide backs in my stash … often bought when they were on sale. I also have a few fabrics that I have lots of yardage which I can piece for a back. But, if I need to buy fabric for a back – I do. My next stash report on Apr. 16 will show some backing. among a few other purchases that I made at the retreat! Uh, maybe saying “few” is a bit of an anti-exaggeration! I still need to figure out what I bought! Stay tuned!


  2. Hello, I found you on the list of 2017 New Quilt Bloggers. You said retreat and my ears perked right up. I have been searching and searching for new retreats that are within a drive able distance that aren’t for guilds only. How had I not come across Over the Rainbow before?!?! Do you go with friends? A guild? Quilty friends that you haven’t met yet?


    • I go with quilting friends. Some I met at open retreats at Wild Rose Quilt shop SE of pullalup. Over the Rainbow has open retreats the first weekend of each month. If you’re close to camano island, check it out! 😀


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