Design Wall & 150 years …

Design Wall

At the moment, only this ribbon quilt is in progress … It’s a free pattern found here.  It’s a fairly easy pattern, but make sure that you label all your fabrics as you cut them out. But be warned: Friends of mine ordered the kit and are very disappointed in the fabric quality and colour that was in the kit.


150 years …

The guild’s show is over … This is the first time I’ve been involved in a quilt show and I am amazed at how everything just fit together and ran smoothly!  The organizers did an excellent job!  So pictures … lots of pictures! Today just one display … later … more pictures …

A few of us were involved in setting up a display “150 years of Quilting in Canada” … IMG_0691

Various guild members lent 26 heritage quilts to the display.  The quilts had stories behind them … wonderful stories.  Some of the members included pictures of the quilt makers.  (Now that was a fantastic idea!)  There were 2 hand crank machines that people were able to try.  A toy machine dating 1860 had a place of honour in the middle of the table. The feed sacks you see in the last 2 pictures were from my cousin Dennis in Ontario.  There was an old ironing board with a collection of antique irons (no picture, sorry!) As well as many other items.

There were lots and lots of interesting stories as people came by.  Many items evoked memories of “when I was a child …” or “I learned to sew on a hand crank.”  It was such fun listening to the stories.

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  1. Great display! Such a great topic. I’m in the US, but I’ve seen a lot about Canada’s anniversary and different ways it has been celebrated in quilts.


  2. Your display was very well done. I love the quilt you’re working on…especially the fabrics you’ve chosen. I’d love to have it on my bed. Thank you for the link for the pattern.


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