Stash Report May 28 ’17


Shakespeare in the Park is DONE, DONE, DONE!  Yeah.   This quilt used approximately 23 yards.  I made it bigger than the pattern (Judy Martin’s) and pieced the back.  I know I already showed a picture of it, but here it is again!  Can you tell that I’m glad it’s totally finished?


Stash Report:

No fabric purchased this week!  I didn’t even go through a door of a quilt or fabric store.  It’s almost amazing how you can avoid purchasing fabric by not going near any that is for sale!  unknown-jpg

Fabric Used this Week:      23  yards  
Fabric Used year to Date:  67.50 yards
Fabric Added this Week:    0  yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date:   40. 5 yards
Net Fabric used for 2017:    26.6 yards   I’m doing a happy dance!


UFO Tally

I started the year with 38 UFO’s. Finishing Shakespeare in the Park is one HUGE UFO done!

2017   Completed
Jan:           2
Feb:           0
Mar:          0
Apr:          0
May:          2                         34  UFOs left to complete!

Linking to:

This week, I’m linking to a new (to me) blog.  The previous blog that had the stash report link is no longer doing it.  Another quilter has agreed to have a linky for the stash report.   I found it interesting to read that some count their stash use when they cut or sew the fabric.  I guess I had never thought of that! However, since my goal is to decrease my UFOs and my stash – I’m only counting my stash use when the quilt is finished.  Completely finished.

Happy Quilting

9 thoughts on “Stash Report May 28 ’17

  1. Beautiful quilt! Congrats on the finish. Plus congrats on the the great stash numbers too! I always count as I use it because at that point, it’s not going back into the stash. I do it that way because my finishes are so rare, I’d never count anything as going out!


  2. I’m glad you re-posted a picture of Shakespeare in the Park. I think I must have missed it before. It’s such a stunning finish. Oh, and congrats on the stash report.


  3. Congratulations on your completion Gail! It’s gorgeous!
    I’m trying my hand at taking the scraps from all the quilts I made in my first year (started June 2016) and pulling them together into a quilt called “Year One”. I sorted them this evening and will post a pic of my piles on fb. Wish me luck!


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