My first blog award!!!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award, 2017 by Kathleen who blogs here.

If you take a wander through Kathleen’s blog, you will find many interesting things.  She did a maple-leaf QAL that is absolutely gorgeous!  There is a neat trick to hemming long seams (using a manila folder)  Believe it or not, her first quilt was made totally by hand and took her 15 years to complete.  She has come a long way in her quilting skills!

Liebster Award 2

You can find the official rules of the Liebster Award Here.   If you read through the rules, you’ll find that I did not follow them to the letter.  It was difficult to find other quilting bloggers that have less than 200 followers.  And I wanted to pass on the award to someone who’s blog I enjoy!

One of the official rules for this blog is to answer some questions.  Here goes:

  1.  What is my favourite blog?  Quiltville’s Quips and Snips … you can find it HERE.  This is Bonnie Hunter’s blog.  The queen of scrappy quilts!  I love her mystery quilts that she offers every fall.  I have been following her blog for almost a decade.  She certainly is an encouragement to scrappy quilters around the world.
  2. If you could meet one Quilt Personality, who would it be?  Well, I have already met Bonnie Hunter and was enthralled to take a workshop with her.  Next on my list would likely be Eleanor Burns.  Her sense of humour is an absolute riot!
  3. What is my preference when quilting?  It varies.  I love sewing with my quilting buddies!  I love silence! and I love listening to audio books.
  4. Do I have a favourite snack while quilting?  Nope … don’t want to get food on my quilts.
  5. Do I look for quilts while watching a movie? Of course!
  6. What comes first when you make a quilt:  buying stash then look for a pattern or buy the pattern first and then the fabric?  I have enough stash to last for years and years – most of my patterns are either self-designed or in a Bonnie Hunter book or free on the internet …
  7. What is your favorite quilt/sewn project/craft? My favourite quilt is usually the one I’m currently sewing on.  My current favourite is on my last blog post. (Click HERE).
  8. Hand Quilt or Machine Quilt?  When I first started quilting (in the 80’s) I hand quilted.  When I re-started quilting in 2005, I started machine quilting.  Most of my machine quilting is done on my Janome 8900.
  9. Favorite Color?  Blue!
  10. Favorite Quilting/Crafting Item? My feather weight sewing machine!  It (or an antique hand crank) travels with me and I do most of my piecing on them.
  11. Do you work on one project or many?  This is a silly question … will all of my UFO’s isn’t it obvious that I work on many projects at the same time?
So I now nominate Judy Hansen at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.
You may have visited her blog if you go to the blogs I link up to.  Judy very kindly took over the “Design Wall Mondays” and provides opportunities for bloggers to post links to their own blogs.  It’s a fantastic way to see what others are working on!
Judy also provides a look into her quilty life. From antique inspired quilts to others that look a little on the modern side.  Enjoy your wander through her blog!

Happy Quilting


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  1. Thanks for accepting the nomination and posting! Its so much fun to learn more about blogging friends.


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