Merry Christmas

3 Christmas Wall Hangings

“Do you see what I see?”  This one was hand quilted by me … probably in the late 1990’s … I’m guessing.  It was a panel & I had to make the tabs for it.


Stained glass, nativity scene“, was made around 2006 … It was made before I started keeping a recored of what I made. It is a reverse appliqué.  All of the black is one piece of fabric..IMG_1250

Poinsettia .  The label on the back says “2009-2015”  It took forever to make!  I usually had each piece reversed the wrong way and usually needed to re-do it.  Pretty frustrating when you’re sewing with tiny stitches (for ease of removing the paper when it’s done.)


Have a Merry Christmas everyone!



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