A Surprise!

IMG_4149What do you say when your husband says, “A parcel came for you.”  And he pulls out a big box … and … it’s from a cousin in Ontario, Terry,  … she quilts … and the tape on the box says, “Connecting Threads.”   And I’m thinking that she sent me something from them … but what?  I have everything I need for quilting … and she knows that I do not need more fabric or ANYTHING!

Then I open the box … there’s a gift bag inside … it looks like it might be a quilt.  I said to my husband that I had teased Terry in blog-land about making a quilt for her western cousin – but I certainly wasn’t serious.

Here’s the label on the quilt: The quilt is called “Thank you notes” …


The fabric line is “Irresistible Iris.”   Iris was my mothers name … and of course she did LOVE irises!  What a perfect fabric selection!


There are “Thank you” notes from everyone in my Ontario family that I made quilts for using my Grandma’s Fabrics – all 14 of them.  You can see the story of those quilts HERE.  Plus, there are a few notes from my aunts and uncle that have also received quilts.   The note above is from my thoughtful cousin that put it all together.  Sew beautiful!!!

Yes, there were tears … I couldn’t believe it!  I still can’t!

And the quilting – oh the quilting … what a variety!  Lovely!  The first 2 pictures are from the back … the others are from the front.   WOW!!!   And to think Terry has only been quilting for about 2 years!  WOW!!!  (You can check out her quilts on her blog HERE.)

The pattern she used is “Envelopes” and is perfect for a signature quilt.  Each of the “notes” is tucked inside an envelope.   Isn’t it pretty awesome?


I’m reeling from the LOVE and thoughtfulness that went into this quilt.  It was totally unexpected!

Reeling is an understatement … I’m totally overwhelmed!

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40 thoughts on “A Surprise!

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  3. What a wonderful surprise, and I love the story behind it. This will definitely be a family treasure. Thanks for linking to Sew,Stitch, Snap, SHARE.


  4. What a beautiful quilt and a precious gift! Even though we are quilters…..it is so neat to receive one from someone else!


  5. How special and amazing this is. It sounds like your cousin Terry is as thoughtful as you are ( I went back and read the post of your 14 quilts). Something to treasure for sure.


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  7. What a wonderful gift, from one quilter to another. Certainly an appreciation for all those wonderful family quilts you stitched using the wonderful stash of fabric!


  8. Isn’t is heart-warming to receive so much love in their thoughts? Your cousin certainly has a talent for quilting and only two years experience.


  9. Hi Gail,
    What an absolutely fabulous surprise! Terry did an amazing job coordinating all of this project, and the little envelopes! How fun! It looks like she had a really fun time quilting this, and I agree that her quilting skills are way more advanced than someone with only two years of experience! This whole post just brings a big smile to my face. ~smile~ Roseanne


  10. OH my goodness, I have goosebumps! Having followed your journey with the quilts from your grandmother’s fabrics, I say this is VERY well deserved! Congrats my friend! And to Terry, what an awesome, thoughtful gesture! And I love the envelope pattern!


    • Thanks, Donna! I know you watched a LOT of the pieces in those quilts go together. I think the envelope pattern is from Missouri Star. And yes, Terry is extremely thoughtful!


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