A “Not Finished” Friday

Thank you!

IMG_4187to all of you who posted comments about my gifted “Thank you Notes” quilt!  I was already overwhelmed with the love that the quilt represented!  And then the many  comments from my blog readers … wow!!!  You can read about it HERE.

I had written to another cousin (asking her to show her mom the pictures when she visited next) and told her  that I was overwhelmed. Here’s what she wrote back:

Now about feeling overwhelmed……maybe now you know how we all felt when we received the precious quilts that you made for all of us!  So special……not only for all the work you did…..but also that they were made with love….and with Grandma’s material .  Thanks again for such a beautiful giftEmojiEmoji
How can you say “that’s different?”  Is it different?  So is that really how they felt?  Maybe … sometimes it’s just hard to accept gifts … but this gift I accept with love in my heart!

Orca Bay #2 Progress

Two posts from February 2017 show the progress I had made on Orca Bay at the time.  You can check them out HERE and HERE. The first picture is of the blue string blocks. The middle and right picture are the red string triangles that I cut from my red string fabric.  I made the red string fabric from strips of my red fabric.


Today, I have all of the hourglass blocks made, although I still have to trim a few.  But – that monotonous task is done!!!!  And, some of the white Ohio stars are in progress.

For some reason, when I was figuring out how many red triangles I needed, I was way short.  There’s a huge difference when you need to make 1/3 as many more.

SEW … I still have a zillion pieces to go … but seeing those partial Ohio stars helps me think that this may get done!

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8 thoughts on “A “Not Finished” Friday

  1. The memory quilts you made from your grandmother’s fabric were amazing! You clearly put huge dollops of love into them, along with skill and hard work. It’s lovely to know they were appreciated.
    As for the trimming…that Orca Bay is going to be stunning. I’m looking forward to seeing it off your PHD list.


  2. Hi Gail,
    I so understand your monotonous task of trimming the hourglass blocks. I have to trim about a million HSTs. That may be a slight exaggeration but not by much! Stay the course – that partial Ohio star block is SO worth it! ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Thanks, Roseanne! I know – trimming is the WORST … but so worth it in the end! I tend to do 10 at a time while I do a zillion other things … then all of a sudden, they are done! Happy Quilting! 🙂

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