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Fudge it to Fit

Yes, this could definitely be me.   Since I’m not a perfect quilter … never have been, never will be … this could have been me with my quilting friends!

When I was first learning to quilt – before we had rotary cutters, we tore our fabric into strips to make Log Cabin – Quilt in a Day – as per Eleanor Burns instructions back in the day.  And you know what happens to torn strips!  They stretch and are not nice and straight on the edges … so you learn to fudge.  I still fudge!

Orca Bay


One of the pieced borders is on.  I had my husband and daughter vote on which red to use in the border.  Do you know which one was chosen?  Which would you choose?

They both went with the bottom red.  I’ve got it cut out.

SEW – 3 more pieced borders to sew on … 4 red borders … and 4 black borders and it will be a flimsy.  SEW – a total of 11 more seams!

FINALLY: light at the end of the tunnel! And a finished flimsy will be born!

Yes, a labour of love … in this case, a long labour!


I have organized my Bonnie Hunter Pinterest board by quilt names.  Whew … I KNOW Bonnie has made a LOT of quilts – but when I started organizing them by name, I was, again, blown away.  You can visit my Pinterest board HERE.

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Happy Quilting!


10 thoughts on “Fudge

  1. Wow, I learnt something new today about quilt making. So glad we don’t need to rip fabric now, not that it means my cut fabrics are any more accurate. Thanks for linking to Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE.


    • Hi Julie! Well, a rotary cutter is much better than ripping. A few years ago, a friend showed me the “shape-cut” ruler … Creative grids has a similar one called “Stripology” … not sure if you can get it in NZ but Shape cut is available at Michael’s (in Canada) and Joanne’s (USA) … hmmm … another idea for a blog post! Thanks! Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. Yeowsa! That’s alotta borders baby!
    I’ve been tempted to try one of Bonnie’s quilts but I’m not sure I have that much love lol
    And as for fudgjng…is that why chocolate is so popular with quilters?


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