Bargello Quilts

One of the blogs I follow (Home Sewn By Us) had a post about Bargello quilts.  She has links to a few free patterns.  And a picture of a pretty awesome one in blues. You can see that post HERE.  The table runner pattern is CUTE … but I’m resisting … or at least trying to.

I have made a few bargello quilts using Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Bargello free pattern.  The first one I made using Bonnie’s pattern has a controlled colour pallet of fall colours.   It was a lot of fun to make! And, I must admit, it looks pretty nice on a bed in a log home!


And the 2nd one also has a controlled colour scheme.  Blue.  If you look close at the binding – you can see it’s scrappy, with a mix of light, medium and dark blues … it looks sort of weird in the picture, but it looks fine on the quilt.


When I was making the one above, I made a mistake, so not to waste the pieces, I started a 2nd blue one (smaller) with the left-overs.
Feb '18

The 2nd blue one is in this UFO pile of sandwiched quilts … it’s the 2nd from the top with the blue backing.

As I look at this pile, the bottom 2 are completed and the top one is in the machine right now.  Whoohoo – they are getting done.

However, I have also started a 4th bargello – in greens … when I was cutting up a lot of left-over green material, I decided that I might as well cut some of the pieces into 17″ strips and start preparing for another scrappy bargello.  The sad part is that it’s not even on my PHD/UFO list. But – even though the pieces are cut (and certainly not enough for a quilt), they might be used for something else – so it’s not going onto the UFO list.

Sewing with Friends

IMG_1542Yesterday, I was sewing with a couple of friends … There are 6 of us that used to sew every single Monday, but due to schedules and life happenings, the weekly sewing has not happened this year. Yesterday, 3 of us were able to get together. FUN!

We pushed a couple of these sturdy tables together so we could easily visit while we sewed.

On the cutting mat is what I worked on … it’s Bonnie Hunter’s Florabunda … you can find the free pattern HERE.  It’s a nice easy pattern to work on when I’m busy visiting.  It will be my “sewing with friends” project until I change my mind!  Image result for winking smiley face clip art

I started this quilt about 3-4 years ago … thinking it would be a great way to decrease some of the floral fabric that I have.  I don’t think it made much of a dent!  Hopefully, this UFO will get finished this year.

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18 thoughts on “Bargello Quilts

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  2. Sewing with friends is ALWAYS awesome IMHO. I’ve done hmmm, just one bargello quilt and I loved how it turned out. It’s good to see it coming back! Both of yours are so different, and equally rich! I’ll be watching to see this green one!


    • Thanks Dawn. These aren’t that small (in my books), they are 2 1/2″ squares … but you strip piece them – so you’re not working with individual blocks … easy peasy … if you follow the directions.


  3. Your Bargellos are very pretty. That’s a pattern on my to do list, but first the UFO list needs to be cut down significantly before starting something new.


  4. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for the shout out! Beautiful bargello quilts – I really like the fabrics and colors in your first one. The blues are great too, and I can only imagine how pretty a green one will be. Good for you for standing strong against that table runner, although it’s a small project. Not that I’m trying to convince you or anything! That’s the last thing you need, and you are doing SO well on your UFO busting. I am hoping to get to one of my already-layered quilts this weekend. It may be a pipe dream, but it COULD happen. I need a UFO finish for this month. ~smile~ Roseanne


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