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Remember, I said I was going to play with these left-over blocks from the Orca Bay Quilt?

I made 3 zipper bags with the left-over blocks from Orca Bay.  It was a project I started this year and I finished it this year!  They didn’t turn into UFOs!



I am almost finished quilting this scrappy bargello.  A smaller version of the one I finished in 2016.


Sewing with Friends

is always fun!  A couple of people invited me to sew with their group this past weekend.  It was great fun and I met some more talented quilters.

I didn’t take a lot of photos … but the one with the black background was one lady’s first quilt.  She did an awesome job with the appliqué!  If you read my blog often, you’ll know that I’m not fond of appliqué: to the point I call it crap-liqué. I was struck with awe and am still shaking my head thinking … “this was her first quilt?”


Then J. used her serger to put this quilt together.  It was made with lovely shimmery fabric and it was serged to prevent it from fraying.   As it was, there was gold fluff almost everywhere! (She was teased about this!) Now, I didn’t get a picture of the finished top … just the segment in progress.  She had added another strip to both sides of the top.  In the first small picture, I attempted to get the “shimmer” … but I’m not that great at taking realistic pictures.  The 2nd small picture is the back.  (What is showing as pink is actually red …)

And the good news?  I get to sew with friends again this Friday!  YEAH!!

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14 thoughts on “Sewing with Friends

  1. The zipper pouches are terrific Gail! Great idea for leftover blocks! The dragonfly quilt is her FIRST quilt?? Just think where she might go…. I just love a quilt with a black background; her dragonflies just light up, don’t they?


    • Yes, the dragon flies certainly do light up! I was very impressed! She told me about the struggles that she had making the quilt and how she overcame them! A true quilter!


  2. Hi Gail,
    Great job making those extra blocks into bags! That is a really good idea, although would extra blocks count as UFOs? That doesn’t seem fair . . . just sayin’. Sewing with friends – I love doing that! We haven’t in a while . . . or I guess I could say I do every weekend since I’m sewing with my best friend. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Hi Roseanne … I’m not sure if extra blocks are UFOs or not …I know that at least 4 quilts on my UFO list are from left-overs … it doesn’t seem fair. However, they only get counted if they are turning into a quilt on their own … How great that you get to sew every weekend with your best friend! Happy Quilting! 🙂

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  3. The bags are very cute. Congrats on getting them off your list and getting orphan blocks out of the sewing room. Enjoy your sewing time this week, hope you make lots of progress.


  4. The appliqué was gorgeous. Please tell me the quilter was already an artist!! She has done such a great job with the design and the color. Or maybe it was a kit?? What a great use for your extra blocks. I might have to try that too!


    • Apparently she took a class at one of the local quilt shops. I have no idea if it was kitted or not. The bags are quick and easy to make and they get rid of those orphan blocks in a hurry! Happy Quilting! 🙂


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