10 Reasons my UFOs languish …

First … no finishes, but almost!  This is the quilt I talk about below … the one with minky on the back.  At first, I wasn’t going to use batting, but later decided to put some in.  I’m glad I did … it made the animals a bit puffy.  Which is nice!

A friend of mine, Donna, told me to make sure it was well adhered.  Sew, I did. And I pinned it in about a dozen places.  It was easy to quilt: moved easily around and I liked the affect on the back!  The only thing I did not like was the MESS when I trimmed the minky, I wish I had taken it outside to do.

AND the binding is ready to be put on …

NOW … about those UFOs!

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Fact:  Every single project I start, I intend to finish in the near future.  Every. Single. One.   So what happens? Why do they get put aside?  

Here is the conversation I had with myself about a week ago as I looked through my UFO list, trying to figure this out:  

  1. I ran out of fabric. Yes, but weren’t you able to find more fabric for that quilt?  Well yes, I did.  So what happened?  I diligently put it in the box with that quilt.  Wasn’t that quilt started in 2008?  Yes. UFO #3
  2. I need to decide what direction I’m taking a certain quilt in.  Fair enough.  When were the quilts started?   2007 & 2008  Do you really need more than 10/11 years to make that decision?   Maybe …  UFO # 1, 2 & 4
  3. There’s too many appliqué (read CRappliqué) blocks.  OK, but can’t you substitute pieced blocks and call it done?  Sure I can.  In fact, I found way more blocks than I need to finish … printed out the patterns and put them in with the partially finished quilt ... When was that quilt started?  2009. UFO # 5
  4. I developed a dislike for the quilt and decided to piece the back with a gigantic block that the front of the quilt is made from.  OK … so what’s so hard about that?  Nothing.  So, why isn’t it done?   Because ... UFO #6
  5. I just can’t get enthused about it.  Why? I don’t know.  Is it too hard?  No, it’s something new I want to try.  And you don’t want to try it?  well … (voice dies off) UFO #7
  6. It’s too hard.  Really? You made one with the same pattern before! I had forgotten that I added sashing so I wouldn’t have to match seams … UFO # 9
  7. I don’t want to do the border.  WHAT?  Well, it’s calling for a pieced border … to extend the pattern into the border.  Don’t you like that?  Well, yes, I’ve always liked it.  So, what’s stopping you?  (speechless – unable to answer my own question.) UFO # 13
  8. The plan is to put minky on the back. And?  Well, I’ve never done that before.  So?  Well, I might mess it up.  And you might not. UFO #14 
  9. I’m bored with making all those tiny blocks.  That’s never stopped you before.  Yes, but these blocks are all the same.  So can’t you make it a smaller quilt or a table topper?  I guess  UFO # 16
  10. It’s a big quilt. And you’ve never made a big one before?  Well, yes, but it’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt, so it’s a lot of work.  When has that ever stopped you?  It hasn’t. UFO # 20

OK … Enough analyzing!  Too many excuses.  Too many other UFOs that I could comment on!!!  I need to quit writing and get on to working on my UFOs!

Related imageEsther, from Esther’s Quilt Blog, has a post where she buys herself flowers with every finish!!  Perhaps I need to do this!

Happy Quilting!

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20 thoughts on “10 Reasons my UFOs languish …

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  2. I cannot stand an unfinished quilt! Good luck in tackling all of your UFOs… you can do it! Btw, I have similar conversations with myself until I cave and finish a project before starting a new one. 😉

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  4. Love the idea of buying yourself flowers when you finish a quilt. You should celebrate them! Each one represents an internal struggle of some kind that you have overcome. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss. I hope we can provide that little push you need to finish one of these!

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    • Hi Jennifer,
      You are so intuitive! I never thought of each quilt having an internal struggle … Of course!
      Thanks for the push! Hopefully, I can share a finish next week on Wednesday Wait Loss!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  5. Hi Gail,
    Very valid reasons – all of them. Well, except for the speechless ones . . . maybe. You only have a few to get your PHD – you’ll absolutely do that this year, and maybe you’ll have a few unfinished pieces for next year. That’s okay! I’m afraid to analyze why I have UFO – very afraid! Happy Happy Friday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  6. I think you summed it up perfectly! LOL Sad but true. Those are the same conversations I have with myself! I do absolutely intend to finish them all. I have been diligently working on them this year. I have only started one new QAL this year. I keep focusing on the things that need to be finished. Surely I will get there some time soon!

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    • Hi Pam,
      It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that talks to themselves!
      Good for you for diligently working on your UFOs. You have the same goals as me … get those UFOs finished and don’t start new projects!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  7. Interestingly, I read a blog recently that said if the project has been around for a long time and doesn’t interest you, think about putting it on a free table somewhere, or donate it and it’s parts in current state. Someone will be inspired to finish it, it doesn’t have to be you. Now my added thoughts……Maybe you could add a note to whoever chooses it to donate the finished product to a charity, etc? My question to you, why labour over something that you no longer enjoy just for the sake of finishing it? There’s so much more you WANT to do. This is your hobby, your passion. It shouldn’t be a chore! Ok, I’m stepping off my soapbox now my friend! 😉

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    • Good idea, Donna! I think I managed to decrease the UFO pile by 3 last year by putting them on the “free” table. I will need to take a close look at them and see if there’s any that I want to part with.

      When we were talking the other day, you said that some of them may end up as donation quilts, so it’s OK to let someone finish them. I’ve been thinking about that … lots!

      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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