Serging a Quilt top?

Yes, I’m going to attempt this.  The pattern is Wonky Logs.  It’s a free pattern by Custom Kwilts.

The pattern calls for 12 fat quarters … but I discovered that I can get away with using 6.  First, I used paper scissors to cut out the templates.  Then I laid them out on the fabric. This picture shows the background fabric – all 6 layers of it.  (I cut 3 pieces, each 17 ½” long, and then layered them.  You can see the pins holding the templates in place.  If you’re not comfortable cutting through 6 layers of fabric, then make it 3 layers or 2 layers.


I then used a ruler and my rotary cutter to cut the 6 layers of fabric.  I repeated this for the fat quarters (sorry, no picture), but since the fat quarters are a print, I made sure that the writing on the templates all faced in the same direction (as you are directed to do in the instructions).  The cutting was done very quickly.

I have a few burning questions that I hope to answer as I go through this process.

  1. Which serger will I use?  (I’ll be piecing this at work).
  2. Will I be able to finger press the seams, or should I use an iron?
  3. Will I be able to chain piece using a serger?
  4. Will it make the quilt “lumpy” at the seams?
  5. Will I be able to web or lattice the final blocks?

After a few hours at work

Yes, it took me a few hours to just do a little bit … customers come first and so I was interrupted several times.  But, I was already able to answer a few questions.

  1. Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 5.11.15 PM.png I used the Pro 4DX.  If I was in the market for a serger, this is the one I would buy.  It is SEW easy to thread!  There is no fighting with it, or wondering how long it will take to thread today.  (picture from Janome Canada.)  And, I find this serger a real workhorse!
  2. Yes, I was able to finger press the seams.  However, it will be better if I use an iron to complete the blocks.  (As usual, pressing just makes it better.
  3. Yes, you can chain piece with a serger

I will post more pictures of my progress with this quilt top at a later date.


Design Wall

IMG_2277I’m still working on the Fireburst mystery.  These flying geese are involved in the next block.

I’ve got the pieces laid out, but nothing is sewn.

Stash Report


This little baby quilt used up 2 ¾  Yards of fabric. All of it came from my stash.  The blocks were from left-over backings … I did use yardage on the back.



  • Fabric Used this week:  2.75 yards
  • Fabric Used this year:    209.1 yards
  • Fabric Added this Week:  0 yards
  • Fabric Added this Year:  59.5 yards
  • Net Fabric Used for 2018: 149.6 yards

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 3.57.11 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 7.38.13 PM

Only 5 UFOs left to complete this year!!!!

Happy Quilting!


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