Quilter’s Strip Poker

Strip Poker
S T R I P   P O K E R

Did the title get your attention?  In a previous post, I mentioned that we played strip poker at the quilting retreat.

OK >>> OK >>>  You keep your clothes ON!!!

Several people asked me how we play it. Here’s how:

First: you instruct everyone to bring anywhere between 5 and 8  WOF 2½” strips. Obviously, the less strips, the faster the game.

LCR - Left Center Right Dice Game - Random ColorSecond: have everyone gather around a table with their strips.  And you need some “Left Centre Right” Dice. Click on the picture for an Affiliated Link.

One person goes first and rolls 3 dice.

  • If a L shows up – they pass one strip to the Left.
  • If an R shows up – they pass one strip to the Right.
  • “C” – one strip goes into the centre
  • Big Dot – they get to keep that strip

Yes, with one roll of the dice, you could have all 3 strips go into the centre, or to the left or right.  Whatever the dice say.

The person to the left goes next.

If a person has 2 strips left, they roll 2 die.  If they have one strip left, they roll 1 die.  If they have no strips, they don’t roll (but there is still a chance they can win!)

When there is one person left with at least one strip – they win the loot!

Other Ideas:

We played this at a guild meeting.  Participants were instructed to bring 5 strips.  They were arranged groups of 6-8 (we mixed people up so they weren’t with their friends).   And yes, we did have extra strips on hand for those that “forgot” to bring strips.

There is also a huge bag of strips in the back closet of the guild meeting room.  These are on hand in case a speaker doesn’t show or some other emergency arrises.

Edit:  You can also use fat quarters instead of strips.  In Canada, you could use Loonies! Image result for loonie image clipart free  or quarters Image result for loonie image clipart free … any coin would work!

You can choose a specific colour or theme. Here are some ideas for themes:

  • rainbow colours
  • black on white / white on black
  • Christmas
  • Fall
  • Floral
  • Reproductions
  • solids

It seems that black on white or white on black are the most popular themes that people like.

Happy Quilting!


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18 thoughts on “Quilter’s Strip Poker

  1. This sounds like a ton of fun! I played fat quarter bingo at a quilt show once, you “bought in” to the bingo game with a fat quarter and the winner won all the fat quarters from that game.

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  2. We play this with fat quarters at one of the guilds I belong to. It is part of our Christmas party. Everyone brings three fat quarters and at a table of eight, the winner gets a boatload of new fabric to play with. It is loads of fun.

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