Need Inspiration?

I follow a blog called “Virtual Quilter.”  Judy Butcher designs quilts in EQ and posts daily pitcures of her creations.  She has an amazing range of wonderful quilts.

I asked for permission to post some of her pictures … and here they are … with links to the original post.

Julianne’s Star From Dec. 31,. 2018  LINK is HERE  .  I love the contrast between the  background and the blocks.  The quilting really enhances the quilt!

String of Beads  LINK is HERE.  I know I say I don’t like appliqué.  And I don’t like doing it … but I love this quilt … the simplicity of it and the overall affect.

Toys for Christmas  LINK is HERE  Isn’t this oh – so cute?  If you leave out the Christmas decorations, this would be an awesome baby quilt!

If you love Log Cabins and are looking for a unique layout- this is the place to search for it!

I could continue posting a zillion favourite quilts, but you should go check the blog out for yourself!

How Colour Placement ….

Now, this post of Judy’s is a great example of colour placement … (and no, you don’t need the EQ program to have a look) …  Scroll down … she took ONE block and FOUR colours … and it’s amazing how she came up with tons of variations … To me, this was an excellent example of how colour placement can make a HUGE difference.  Check it out HERE.

SEW, if you’re looking for inspiration … grab a cuppa (or a whole carafe!) and head over to “Virtual Quilter.”  and enjoy the eye candy … lots of eye candy!

And if you want almost daily inspiration – be sure to follow her blog!  You’ll get eye candy in your “inbox!”  What can be better than that?

Happy Quilting!



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