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Well, when you don’t keep up with all the parts of Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery … it takes a LOT of time to catch up … On Friday, I sewed with friends … I was hoping to at least get one of each block done – that didn’t happen!

img_2794Then I asked for opinions … for my gray – for the blocks with the teal 4 patches. I had 5 different grays … only one of them was big enough (the one on the left) to make the rectangles that went with the 4 patches … It was voted down … too dark … the others were too light,  or just right … but none of that mattered since there was not enough of the “just right” one to do the trick.  My friend’s solution was “quit being lazy and strip them together like the pattern suggests.” img_2795HA! HA!  And THEY are the ones that tease me endlessly about sewing with small pieces!  (Don’t I have awesome friends?) SEW, I’ve been sewing strips of grey fabric together for my rectangles.  One strip is made. No blocks are made yet! But I’m liking the strips.

I am no where near the reveal … On Monday, I’ll be linking to Good Fortune Linky Party.  There is bound to be some who have the top completed.  And, there’s probably a few that have not slept since Friday and have it quilted.   Me? I’m enjoying the slow stitchin’.

Stash Report

Yes, I bought fabric this week.  I needed binding for Purple Shells.  And YES, I’m going to keep track of my husband’s purchases – separate from mine!  If I use them, then I’ll subtract what I use from HIS purchase.  (GRIN!)Purple Shells

screen shot 2019-01-05 at 11.02.43 pm

PHD in 2019:  Quilting UFOs and Finishing New Projects

If you want to join us to decrease your UFOs and finish your new projects – you have until Jan. 20, 2019 … more information is HERE.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 11.10.17 PM.png

Summary:  I finished Purple Shells … I counted it as a Start in 2019 even though it was started in late December. (Mostly because I didn’t want to add to my UFO list!

There are no UFOs finished, I’m just slow stitchin’ on Good Fortune.

Happy Quilting!


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15 thoughts on “Slow Stitchin’

  1. Hello there – not sure if you noticed but your gray stripes may be going in the wrong direction – unless that is the look you were going for.

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    • Hi Deb,
      Thanks … but the blocks were just placed on the fabric strips, they will be cut into the proper width and will be what the instructions call for. Sorry for mis-leading you … but THANK you for pointing out something that could end up totally wrong! I appreciate it! Any time you think I’ve got something going in the wrong direction – I’m more than happy to hear about it!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


    • Hi Karen,
      It is great to have sewing buddies. I don’t always follow their advice, but usually they lead me down the correct path! If I wasn’t doubtful, I wouldn’t have asked them. I value their opinions!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. Ha! I still need to finish Bonnie’s “On Ringo Lake” from last year! I just need to make the blocks and then the settings. I have all the pieces neatly stacked. Good luck to you on this year’s!

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    • Hi,
      Hey, you’re doing great! At least you are getting closer to the finish! I’m sure you will love it when you’re done! I haven’t seen an “On Ringo Lake” that I didn’t like!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


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