Holiday Seclusion Mystery Clue #1

Making HST

Gather  Step 1     Pieces                  

  • (18) 5” x 5” background squares 
  • (18) 5” x 5” coloured squares 

Mark a line down the diagonal centre (from one corner to the other) of  either the background or the coloured squares.  (Shown as the black line) 

With right sides together, sew ¼“  from the centre black line  (red line).  Repeat on the other side of the black line (green line).

Cut down the centre line.  This will yield 2 Half Square Triangles. See Picture #1 below: shows the line drawn down the centre with the sewing line on each side. Picture #2 shows the opposite side where you can’t see the line.

Press open. (Picture #3 below).

Trim to 4 ½” squares. (Picture #4 below)

Repeat this with the rest of the squares. You should now have 36 Half Square Triangles.

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

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