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Carla, from Creatin’ in the Sticks has organized this blog hop. Here’s what she said: “Add a stripe, or two, or three to your project.It can be striped fabric, striped binding (a favorite of mine), or strips of fabric to make stripes.It’s your interpretation of a striped project.  Anything with a stripe.  You decide.Just “Show Your Stripes!

I finished a Raggedy Andy doll that was started by a friend of mine. When she was first diagnosed with cancer, she knew that she would not be able to sew again. She asked if I could make one for her newest great nephew. Of course, I said “yes.” In mid-January, I obtained the box that was to contain the supplies for the doll.

There was lots of fabric for a Raggedy Anne, but not Andy. However, the body parts were made and the face had been embroidered by my friend. Bonus!! Here are the unstuffed body parts lying on the floor.

I have a stash and found a white and red gingham for the shirt and the navy fabric for the pants and hat. It was strange to be making clothes with 5/8″ seams and pressing them open. When I was making the clothes, I thought that Raggedy Andy, with his striped legs, would be perfect for this blog hop!

Well, Raggedy Andy just had to go climbing the apple tree!

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  1. Andy sure looks like he’s having fun in that tree!! Andy will be a great companion for your friend’s nephew; I’m glad you were able to step in and help make him.

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  3. Gail, this is beyond adorable and the pictures are so special. Love it so much and he’s so perfect for the Show Your Stripes Blog Hop. Thank you for your super sweet addition to the hop.

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  4. Gail, that doll is so precious. It’s such a wonderful throw back. Old is new again…we all prefer handmade these days to plastic molded dolls. Well done on your use of stripes!

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  5. Oh Gail, the memories you brought back to me. I remember making Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls in years gone by. What an extra special gift to finish it for your friend. I know Andy will be well loved for many years to come!

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  6. That is so cute! When I was very small (about three years old) the old lady down the street who used to babysit me occasionally made me a Raggedy Anne doll… it looks like it was made from a similar (if not the same!) pattern! I loved that doll ill there was almost nothing left!

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  7. What a sweet task you took on for your friend and it’s obvious you put a lot of love (and fun) into making Andy! Just like every little boy, Andy will climb more trees and play in mud puddles and always come out smiling! He is perfect… stripes and all!

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  8. Hi Gail! Oh gosh. I dare not read all the details of this post as I am certain to adopt a squirrel project immediately. This is SO great. You did such a nice job! Gosh, Addison would just adore this – she loves babies. Plus they were Raggedy Ann and Andy for Halloween last year. Sigh. I might as well resign myself to making one or two right now. HAHA! Thank you for sharing this fabulous project with us! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  9. It has been over 30 years since I made Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. Thanks for the memories. I made them for my daughter and still have them. Striped leggings are classic.

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  10. OMGoodness but Raggedy Andy is adorable! I just adore how you have photographed him climbing the tree! So clever of you. The 5/8” seam allowance…pressed open… I stitched something not too long ago and thought the same as you how strange it felt. When back in the day of learning to sew it was the norm and never thought twice about. The 1/4” seam was the odd duck at that time.

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