A Private Personal Quilt Show

In September, when I was in Edmonton, I had the great pleasure of visiting the home of Elizabeth Penttinen. She is an art quilter extraordinaire! I was blown over by her talent and the variety of quilts that I saw. And, I know that there were many more that I didn’t see.

The photos were taken with my Iphone and at night, indoors, so the photo quality is not the best.

Obviously, this one is ready for quilting … but look at all the greens, the curves, the straight lines …

This one has an organic wavy binding … and if I remember correctly, it is not cut on the bias.

And a close up of the quilting … all hand guided …

All different leaves in this one …

I see the wind blowing in this one … great movement!

Look at the beautiful thread painting! And beads, buttons and shells … (I think!)

Fun collage quilts … made from t-shirts, sheets, and other fabric things.

Elizabeth has spent a lot of time in Africa … I can’t help but think that this definitely influenced this collage quilt.

Cows anyone?

Sons of Anarchy

I absolutely LOVE giraffes and I think this is my favourite by far!!! She was going to be teaching this at her guild … how I would have loved to have taken this class!

Beautiful flowers!

Fall still life …

Mixed media … from Disney!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the privilege of seeing your beautiful quilts!

Many of these quilts are for sale, if you are interested, contact Elizabeth e_penttinen@hotmail.com and she can give you more information.

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

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