Teddy Bear Class #1

A few weeks ago, I taught a Teddy Bear class at Essem Textiles. It was very popular and there was a wait list! The class will be repeated on April 21 and 28th! Contact Essem to sign up … there isn’t many spots left!

This Teddy Bear pattern is in the Book “Fat Quarter Baby.” In the class, I offer 2 sizes, along with speedier cutting and piecing directions. The pattern in the book is 33:=”x 37″ and the larger size is 41″ x 46.”

Here are pictures from the class:

Some are busy cutting their fabrics!

This is Madeline’s. She’s started to quilt it with a serpentine stitch.

Linda almost has her top completed … so cute with all the dotted fabric!

Nancy claims she’s not a quilter! I beg to differ with her! She’s done an awesome job with this teddy bear.

I love Lorraine’s with the honey bees! Perfect!

This was Anne’s first Teddy Bear and she didn’t quite have enough fabric for the back … so she learned how to do the diagonal stripe … super simple and very effective!

Anne’s 2nd Teddy Bear

And this is Simina’s first quilt! I think she’s hooked!

And here is the one I made: I used Hobbs 80/20 batting. It is quilted with a thread that is new to me “Seracycle.” It is made by Mettler out of recycled 100% PET bottles. SEW – what did I think? The thread quilted very nicely. The small spool did not contain enough thread to sew this quilt and I had to substitute a white thread to finish the quilt. It’s a great idea, but the spools need to be bigger. If you are interested in using Seracycle, Essem Textiles carries it. I think it would be great for garment sewing.

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting! 

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21 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Class #1

  1. How wonderful for you that the class is doing so well! That Teddy Bear quilt is so cute! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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  2. Oh wow, love these!!! Wishing I could have joined the class, but I’m a bit far south in Florida, USA. I did go and buy the book. Do you have any hints you can share without the class?

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  3. This is such a cute pattern, and I love all the different versions! Adding the name above the bear was a great idea from one of your participants!

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  4. It’s so fun to see so many different versions of the same pattern! I love them all and it certainly looks like your students enjoyed themselves 🙂 I had never heard of Seracycle thread. What an interesting idea!

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    • It’s a great book to add to your library! I’m not a huge book fan as I often design my own quilts. But Fat Quarter Baby has several quilts in it that I like! So, for me, it’s a worthwhile book to have! Happy Quilting! 🙂


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