SAHRR Round #3

If you need more information on the SAHRR … you can go to THIS POST.

Round #3

Chris @ Chrisknitssews has chosen Hourglass blocks for the 3rd round!

I continued to use Island Batik fabrics from the Baby Bloomers collection (by Kathy Engle for Karen Overton).

Now, you Need to go to the co-hosts blogs and see their hourglass rounds! Their links are in the schedule below.

How I made my Hourglass blocks

I used the Accuquilt 8″ Qube die #4 to make the Hourglass blocks. I then trimmed them to 3 1/2.” They will finish at 3″ x 3″ in the quilt.

The math for this round was pretty easy. The star round ended at 21″ x 24.” With the hourglass blocks finishing at 3″ square – it meant that the 7 hourglasses across and 8 down were the way to go.

If I was having difficulty with the math, I likely would have put a few empty white blocks between some of the hourglass blocks to make it fit. Depending on what I needed, they might have been 1/4″ spaces or 1″ spaces … whatever I need to make up the difference.

Other’s Rounds

Here’s Heather’s:

Here’s Charlenes … Stars are done…called eccentric stars

Here’s Jacomina’s … She’s waiting to see what Round #3 is to fill in the borders …I found some very interesting orphan blocks and hope to incorporate those …

Sarah’s been ill and only has 1 of her 4 stars done … that’s OK … I hope she feels better soon!

Linky Party

Chris @ Chrisknitssews will have a linky party so you can see everyone’s 3rd Round!

Next week?

Anja @ Anja Quilts will tell us what to do. Are you following her blog?

Relax … this is easy … and it’s only one round each week!

Our Wonderful Sponsors

Here’s a list of the sponsors and their generous gifts!

One who sleeps under a quilt is covered by LOVE!

Happy Quilting!    

30 thoughts on “SAHRR Round #3

  1. Hi Gail, I have finally caught up with the SHARR and wanted to post , but my tech my skills aren’t great. Could you send me the link to post to linky. I have also just finished my Xmas mystery quilt. I’m a little slow but they’re done. Thanks.
    Chere Wilson

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  2. Hi Gail, I really like your quilt so far. I really like your suggestion of leaving a blank block or two to make the blocks fit. I’m going to add that to my What I learned so that I can remember it! Thanks

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  3. Hi Gail! Thanks so much for keeping us up-to-date on the participants that don’t have social media. I just love, Love, LOVE that Christmas tree panel and how the project is coming together. I can’t wait to see how that finishes. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. I just got an AccuQuilt Go so I loved seeing how you used yours to make the hourglass units. Since I’m a newbie to the tool, what would you recommend for my first die(s) purchase? I’d appreciate any suggestions ….

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    • Hi Sue,
      When I first got my AccuQuilt Go (from Island Batik), I received the 8″ Cube dies and the 2.5″ strip die. I use the 8″ Cube dies the most. But the 2.5″ strip die is handy at times! Have fun with your Accuquilt!


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