Friday … a little progress, a solved mystery

Shakespeare in the Park  

img_0518I’ve started quilting this beast.  And a beast it is!

After I quilted about 3 blocks, I was totally unhappy with what I had done.  So, hours and hours later, I finally had those tiny, tiny stitches ripped out.  I then decided to quilt in the ditch … a huge undertaking when quilting with a free-motion quilt foot … There are 41 large blocks (snail tail & large stars) and I think I have about 6 of them done.  I have no idea how many small stars are on the outside.   Needless to say, I’ve got a long way to go!  Sigh … I will be glad when this quilt is finished.


A Mystery Solved

People often ask me about thread. (Ha!  As if I know much!)  I’ve always felt that it’s OK to use polyester thread.  The rumour that it cuts cotton fabric just never made sense to me. Nor have I seen any evidence of it.

Today, on Bonnie Hunter’s blog, (scroll down, down, down), she discusses thread and then goes on to talk about how polyester batting is what shreds fabric.  I had an ah-ha moment.  Yes, I’ve seen this. Even in my older quilts … I knew it wasn’t the thread when the fabric is shredded within the piece, not near the seam.  Bonnie goes on to say that she never uses polyester batting.


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