Sarah’s finish

I have been away in Alberta at a wonderful wedding and have not finished any quilts in the past few weeks.  (And yes, the bride & groom loved their quilt! See the quilt HERE)
However, my sister sent me this picture of a quilt made by a 16 year old friend, Sarah.  I am totally impressed with the colour choices that she used for the sashing and border!

Here’s what Sarah has to say:
Yes I made this quilt last year in the quilting 4-H project. The inspiration I had for this quilt was when our family would go down to the Kitchner area to visit relatives, I would always see tons of Mennonites and they have always fasinated me. I brought the quilt this year to the 4-H Regional Fair in Thorhild and won first place which I was really happy about. I also brought it to the Westlock quilters guild show last year. 
I would love for you to put it on your blog! I hope that it will motivate people of my generation to take up the hobby of quilting, a skill that has been slowly dying in the past few decades.
So Sarah – here’s your first quilt on my blog. I’m looking forward to featuring more of your quilts!  To my readers: Let me know when you show this quilt to other people of Sarah’s generation and I will pass it on to her.


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13 thoughts on “Sarah’s finish

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  3. Sarah’s quilt is a beauty! It looks well-done, and it’s also a topic she knows personally, a big plus in my book. It’s well balanced in design, too. I would not have guessed it was made as part of a 4-H youth project. I expect it could go in many a quilt show and walk away with a ribbon.


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  5. Gail – thank you for sharing Sarah’s quilt with us. Sarah, I know this is the beginning of many great quilts in your future. I love to share my love and interest in quilting with people of all ages, but certainly younger folks. You have shown us that quilts can tell a story of anything that peaks our interest. Great job, Sarah. ~smile~ Roseanne


  6. Awesome job Sarah. I hope you continue quilting and that you love your quilting journey. I love the blues you used in this quilt and I really like the perspective in the panel with the cow. The little patches are also very effective as they look like fields.


  7. I hope Sarah knows how beautiful this is. I would never have guessed this was a first quilt. I have a feeling she will be a leader of her generation in the quilting world. –Andrea


  8. Great quilt! My youngest son made a quilt, using his great grandmother’s fabrics, when he was 12. He designed most of his graduation quilt (even color placement). One of these days, he wants to make more quilts, maybe after he finishes college. He does own a sewing machine, as does his wife.


  9. To Sarah–WOW! You have made a stunning quilt. All the detail, your beautiful choices of color and fabric, and the fact that it documents a story of life as a Mennonite. I was a 4-H member many years ago and did a lot of garment sewing and cooking. I would never have taken on a quilt, let alone one as complex as yours. From one member to another–you represent the 4-H club and quilters everywhere SO WELL. Thank you 🙂


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