A Kansas Troubles UFO finish!!

IMG_1019While I was quilting my Kansas Troubles, Irish Chain,  I ran out of quilting thread … the spool you see in the picture was emptied and I had less than 1/2 a bobbin … groan … I asked a bunch of friends to find out where I could buy it.  I usually buy it from the Canadian distributer (Carola’s) when she has a booth at quilt shows.   The local stores (within 75 km) that sell Aurifil didn’t have this colour. {Although, one did contact me later to say they did have it.}

BUT:  Joy – oh – joy … Carola was doing a trunk show at a local guild meeting on Tuesday with a pop-up store.  I phoned the store and Carola brought the colour I need to the guild meeting.  YEAH!!!

I ended up winding 3 bobbins and managed to finish the quilt.   Sew, finally, my scrappy, Kansas Troubles Irish Chain is done.

In some ways, I feel like I’ve been fighting to get this quilt done.  But, with almost a steady stream of company (sometimes up to 13 people in a 2-3 bedroom house), it’s actually a wonder that I managed to get it done at all!  I know that I have enjoyed making this quilt.  It’s a special quilt to me! Not only because it’s from my favourite line of fabrics, but because my dear friend, “D” gave me the jelly roll that is the main portion of this quilt.  It’s backed with flannel, so it’ll be nice and cosy during the winter months! This quilt is 104″ x 82″.


Here’s a look at the quilting from the back of the quilt. It’s not a great picture because the late afternoon sun was shining through the trees (that’s what the lighter areas are). You can see a close up of a feathered wreath from the front of the quilt HERE.



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11 thoughts on “A Kansas Troubles UFO finish!!

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  2. Hi Gail,
    It seems as if this is a fitting name for this lovely quilt, Kansas Troubles. Oh how annoying to be so close to finishing and then to run out of thread and have it be an issue to find. How extremely lucky to have Carola doing a show near you and HAVE that thread. WOWEE. It was meant to be, meant to be finished now and you did a beautiful job. I am so fond of an Irish Chain. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Congratulations on the finish Gail!
    Question: when the quilts aren’t gifted, what do you do with them? I’m working on some now that don’t have a planned recipient. I may keep them – because I’m doing them because I love the pattern.
    Hugs from Ontario


    • Ah Terry … that’s a good question. I have around 30-40 that I use for my trunk shows … sometimes, the quilts sit until they tell me “I need to belong to that person.” Sometimes, one of the kids will take a quilt. My daughter once said of one quilt I didn’t really care for, “Finally Mom, you’ve made something I like.” That quilt resides at her place now. I still have a few relatives on Gord’s side that need to have a quilt from me … And, sometimes I donate quilts … the guild I belong to does baby quilts, quilts of valour, and cancer quilts. I’ve lost track of how many quilts I’ve donated.
      Think about a painter, no one asks them why they are painting another painting. However, sometimes storing them can be an issue! 🙂


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