Dollar Store Necessities

Today, I left my sister alone with her husband and went shopping.  My sister wants to quilt and has signed up for a class later in the spring. I didn’t bring everything with me, so I went to Dollarama and bought what I figure she needs.  And of course, I will use them while I’m here!  (wink, wink)   Image result for winking smiley face free


  • A flannel back table cloth makes a great design wall.  I usually put it on the bed and design there.  A bonus is that you can fold it up and it will store your layout for you.  If the flannel gets so it doesn’t stick very well, a quick spray with 505 Fabric Spray Adhesive helps make it more sticky.
  • The hair clips can be used to clip units together or hold the binding in place.  I have some that I put numbers on with a sharpie and they can be used to “label” rows or whatever.
  • The spray bottle is to either dilute Best Press (half & half with water) or to use with water.  I use a dry iron, but sometimes a little moisture is what you need to get rid of a crease.  And yes, I did buy her some unscented Best Press – but not at the dollar store, so it’s not in the picture.
  • The shelf liner is to put under her foot pedal to keep it from travelling.  And, I will cut 2 small pieces (~ 2″ x 3″) to put under my hands when I am free motioning.
  • The hair thingies (?pony tail holders?) are great for putting around a bobbin to keep the thread from going everywhere.   I match the bobbin thingy with the thread thingy and then I can tell at a glance which thread goes with which bobbin.

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24 thoughts on “Dollar Store Necessities

  1. Great ideas!!! I’ll have to go get some of those hair thingies (love our name for them) as my bobbin case is a mess. I’ve seen similar things sold at quilt shops for lots of $$.


    • Yes, the hair thingies work great! I put one one the bobbin and the same colour on the spool and then it’s easy to tell which blue thread bobbin goes with which blue spool. Happy Quilting!


  2. A great start for your sister’s excursion into quilting! I’m playing catch up on the blogs this morning as I’ve gotten so behind. Love your blue houses and your wallet turned out beautifully. Hope your sister is healing well and that you have lots of time for visiting and stitching.


  3. Thanks for the great tips. I have been using a tablecloth for my design wall, but I did not know about using the spray to get it back to sticking like it used to do when I first got it. Also, thanks for the tip about the shelf liner under the pedal! I find myself with my leg stretched out too many times and now I know how to fix this. I am going to the dollar store!


  4. Hi Gail,
    Great tips and start for your sister! I love the flannel lived tablecloth idea, as well as the hair thingies. I am sure she will appreciate all the assistance and tools. ~smile~ Roseanne


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