How to cut perfect borders without a tape measure!

That’s right, you can cut your borders to the perfect lengths without using a tape measure: Watch the video to see how!

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 3.17.17 AM

Edit: I have linked this blog post to Kathleen McMusing’s blog where she is compiling quilting tips and tutorials.  Go HERE to check out last month and this months tips & tutorials.

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Colour bleeding

I haven’t had a lot of issues with colour bleeding.  But I have had a few.img_0070

I posted in Oct. 2016 HERE about how the label bled really bad … so bad that I could see it moving quickly and without thinking too much, I cut it out really fast!  I was using a solid green of my grandmother’s fabric … the green went into recycling.  It did not have a long life in my sewing room!  I ended up fixing the disastrous corner and you can read about it HERE. Continue reading

Deciding what “Quilt as Desired” is

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.38.59 PM

Lately, I’ve seen people in blog-land asking about how to decide on what to quilt. Sew, I thought I’d blog about what I do.

I used to absolutely HATE it when I saw “Quilt as Desired” on a pattern.  It made me wonder if the designer had no idea on how to quilt what she/he designed?  As a beginner quilter, it left me frustrated and at a loss of what to do.    Now – it just gives me the freedom to do what I want without any outside influences.

SEW … that brings me to “How do I decide what to quilt?”   I have a quite a few Pinterest boards with links to various sites: Free Motion Quilting (FMQ), Leah Day,  Ruler Work and links to FMQ videos   All of these provide inspiration and ideas.  I have a few books with quilting ideas in them.  But my favourite of all is my own personal notebook.  This book was a gift that a quilting friend made – isn’t it cute?img_2420.jpg

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2018 New Quilter’s Blog Hop

This is my 2nd year participating in the “New Quilter’s Blog Hop.”   I’ve learned LOTS about blogging, making changes and adding things.

There are 32 participants in the Blog Hop and we are divided into  4 different weeks for presenting out blogs.  Each person in the group suggested names and logos for the group.  The name “In Stitches” was chosen and the logo is

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 7.59.59 AM

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Dollar Store Necessities

Today, I left my sister alone with her husband and went shopping.  My sister wants to quilt and has signed up for a class later in the spring. I didn’t bring everything with me, so I went to Dollarama and bought what I figure she needs.  And of course, I will use them while I’m here!  (wink, wink)   Image result for winking smiley face free


  • A flannel back table cloth makes a great design wall.  I usually put it on the bed and design there.  A bonus is that you can fold it up and it will store your layout for you.  If the flannel gets so it doesn’t stick very well, a quick spray with 505 Fabric Spray Adhesive helps make it more sticky.
  • The hair clips can be used to clip units together or hold the binding in place.  I have some that I put numbers on with a sharpie and they can be used to “label” rows or whatever.
  • The spray bottle is to either dilute Best Press (half & half with water) or to use with water.  I use a dry iron, but sometimes a little moisture is what you need to get rid of a crease.  And yes, I did buy her some unscented Best Press – but not at the dollar store, so it’s not in the picture.
  • The shelf liner is to put under her foot pedal to keep it from travelling.  And, I will cut 2 small pieces (~ 2″ x 3″) to put under my hands when I am free motioning.
  • The hair thingies (?pony tail holders?) are great for putting around a bobbin to keep the thread from going everywhere.   I match the bobbin thingy with the thread thingy and then I can tell at a glance which thread goes with which bobbin.

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Friday: I have a sandwich!

Shakespeare in the Park  

Is now sandwiched!  It is HUGE! I couldn’t get a full picture of it on my living room floor. img_0486

I find that when I use Hobbs 80/20,  the spray basting doesn’t stick as well as when I use Warm and Natural.  And the backing will sometimes shift. So once this was spray basted (with 505) I pinned it.  I know I will be cursing all the pins when I go to quilt it, but at least it will not shift.

My machine is packed up – ready for a “Zendoodling” class tomorrow, so I won’t start quilting this until Sunday at the earliest.

Here’s a Helpful Hint:  If you look on the lower right corner of the picture, you will see that the corner is pinned to the front.  This seems to help prevent the extra backing from folding under and being sewn onto the back.

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