House Wall Hanging

This is the project that I’m working on today.  I’m starting to quilt this wall hanging.  Mostly it will be stitch in the ditch … but I might change my mind and do something else as well.  house

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6 thoughts on “House Wall Hanging

  1. That’s pretty Gail. What if you did fmq inside the houses? You could do something that looks like bricks? I’m sure I’ve seen a Leah Day tutorial on something like that. And a soft meander in the negative space may suggest clouds.


    • Hi Terry,
      Thanks, cuz! I have the houses quilted as they directed … they are smallish, so I think bricks will be a bit much – but an excellent idea for larger houses. I love the idea of meander / clouds in the white – perfect … I’ll be doing that! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂


    • Knitnkwilt (sorry, I don’t know your actual name) … thank you! The wall hanging is a kit – so I didn’t pick out any of the fabrics. But blue is my favourite colour, so my husband knew I’d like it! I have the houses quilted and my cousin suggested that I do a cloud meander in the white, negative space – so I think I will go with that. Happy quilting! 🙂


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