A New Quilting Challenge

I was wandering around blog-land when I came across “The Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along” by Angela Walters of Quilting is My Therapy.

If you don’t know who Angela Walters is – she’s a fantastic quilter! She has a quilt show “The Midnight Quilter.”  Well – go look for yourself! HERE

Anyhow .. the Challenge …  “The Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along”

Yes, I signed up …

The first video talks about what you need for the Challenge … the necessities and the “nice-to-have.”  There is even a free quilt pattern to do the quilting on.

Am I going to make the free quilt?  Yes & No.

I’m going to take fabric – draw some boxes on it (roughly the same size as the boxes on her free quilt pattern). Sandwich the quilt and start practicing.

I’ve already watched the first video … now I’m ready for Week 2.

And the best part: all the videos will be on YOUTUBE … so if you’re like me and already a week or 2 behind, you can still follow along.  And it’s FREE!!!

Image result for Images quilting is my therapy

And the very next BEST part is:  this is learning … it’s like going to a free motion class with a bunch of 12″ squares sandwiched together … and they don’t count as UFOs or anything … so this won’t count towards my UFO list or influence my PHD in 2018.

And the very next BEST BEST part:  I will learn a LOT about free motion quilting!  YES!!!

PHD in 2018 Update

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.50.50 AM

Stash Report

Hole in the Barn Door Wall Hanging used 2 yards.

And, I needed backing for a quilt, so I bought 4 yards.

Fabric Used this Week:    2  yards  
Fabric Used year to Date:  94.1  yards
Fabric Added this Week:    4  yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date: 14 yards
Net Fabric used for 2017:  84.1  yards 

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Happy Quilting!


17 thoughts on “A New Quilting Challenge

  1. Great idea! I have done a few online classes and I did learn alot. One was from Leah Day but I think I like Angela’s style a little better. I am going to check it out!


  2. Hi Gail,
    I’ve been following along with Angela as well! I have decided to use all this practice for a good cause – I’m going to practice on doll quilts for A Doll Like Me. I can’t wait to hear about your progress! I’ll be writing a post sometime about my progress and stumbling blocks. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. I have her FMQ book – lots of good tips and have also watched her you tube videos – she is a gooD teacher ..


    • Yes, Judy, she is a good teacher! I like her down-to-earth and practical approach to quilting! I think I’ve taken out her books a zillion times at the guild library! Happy Quilting! 🙂


  4. Thank you for sharing this information. I want to learn how to free motion and this looks like a great opportunity. I wont be able to start for a while, but it seems this quilt along is made for people like me!
    Thanks again.


  5. The trick to mastering FMQ is to do it consistently. I can never produce enough quilts to have something to FM all the time, but you have all those UFOs you can practice on. This may be a match made in heaven.


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