This past week has been busy with company and working.  Sew, there has been very little sewing going on.

I did manage to get one quilt sandwiched … a small one one the left!  This quilt was started at a retreat at Over the Rainbow Lodge on Camino Island last year.

I borrowed a friend’s “Hex’n More” ruler.  It was an easy quilt to make.   I like the one my friend made better (pic on the right).  I like the full hexi and not the mostly ½ hexi that I did.  Plus – I love the quilting that she did!

I’m not sure how I’ll quilt this one – but I don’t think I’ll do those wonderful flowers.  I believe she used a ruler for them.

2018-New-Quilt-Bloggers-Blog-HopI have joined the 2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop.  We have been encouraged to have Bloglovin’ as a way for people to follow us.  If you follow by Bloglovin’ – you get one email with several of the blogs you want to follow, instead of having a zillion emails from each blog.  Sounds good? I think so! Click on the link below to follow my blog via Bloglovin.

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6 thoughts on “Bloglovin’

  1. Gail, welcome to bloglovin’. You link works to follow under the Hop button. But the your sidebar shows a a url which you can’t click. I think you meant it to be a button.


    • Thanks! I need to figure out how to put a link in the sidebar … it doesn’t make sense to have to go to an old post just to follow by bloglovin! Hopefully, I can find a solution SOON!


  2. Quilting those flowers is not as hard as you may think! Angela Walters does them without a ruler, and I have in smaller blocks, but you’re right on thinking to use a ruler for a larger block. btw the fabrics in your quilt are delicious! Tell me about real life wreaking havoc with quilting and the quilt blog! Glad to have you in my hive! 🙂


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