A little bit of Sewing

I was finally able to sit down and do a bit of quilting … I’ve only got a small portion of this queen sized quilt done … but I’m liking it so far!

The picture on the right is a 3″ square, quilted with what I call “C”.  You quilt a half-circle “C” from corner to corner, trying to intersect in the middle of the block – which I mark with chalk.  It’s easy to carry on through the block, finishing where you started.  And you end up with this simple flower.  I’m doing the same thing in the checkerboard sections … but you can only see one petal of the flower.

I’m probably dreaming, but I am secretly hoping to have this quilted by Monday.  Like I said, “I’m probably dreaming!”

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Happy Quilting!

15 thoughts on “A little bit of Sewing

  1. Great quilting. Monday is a good goal and if that doesn’t work out it is still well on its way to being finished. Love using the rulers for the kind of design you were showing.


  2. Oooh! Those colours are sew pretty!! And I love the checkerboard!! The C’s are too cute. I’ve also done those inside small nine patches and like it best when they are on either the background or the print (not both). It gives a great dimension to the block. It would have looked awesome on your checkerboard too.
    Looking forward to seeing your beautiful finished quilt!


    • Thanks, Terry! Gord picked the fabric YEARS ago for another project that never got done. It was perfect for this quilt! Yes “C” is fairly easy to quilt! Happy Quilting! 🙂


  3. Hi Gail,
    Your quilting looks great! I love the Cs – it makes a really nice looking flower, and breaking it down like that makes it sound so easy to do. Huh – sounds like maybe even I could do that. It looks like you have a fabulous start on the quilting so I vote yes, you can get it done by Monday!! ~smile~ Roseanne


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