Sewing Machine Day

Today is Sewing Machine Day, I thought this was appropriate to share.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 9.11.45 PM

At first glance, I thought this was totally hilarious.  Then I got to thinking … this is likely how my mother and my grandmother were brought up to think about sewing.   Times, they have changed!

My personal opinions today:

  • Housekeeping chores get done when I can’t stand the mess any more!
  • I have only sewn in a dress – a sun dress – when it was stinking hot.  But on second thought, do night-gowns count as a dress?
  • I keep my nails clean and use a nail brush when I’ve been out pulling weeds in the garden … wouldn’t want to get dirt on a quilt – right?
  • I don’t own French chalk … do you?
  • My hair is what it is.
  • I don’t own powder or lipstick.
  • I could care less if my husband caught me sewing in my night gown in the middle of the afternoon!

Today, I hope you were able to show your sewing machine some love by using them!

I have been working on quilting this quilt with meandering hearts of various sizes.  Of have high hopes of this being finished soon … then I’ll have another quilt finished, done and completed!

Edit: Update

The post on Newfoundland Quilt stores has these pictures featured on Wednesday Wait Loss!   Thanks, Jennifer!

Happy Quilting!

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11 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Day

  1. I was happy to feature you! Loved those quilted rocks. And who knew there was a sewing machine day? I gave mine extra love. Thanks for supporting Wednesday Wait Loss.

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    • Thanks for your kind comments, Jennifer!
      I enjoy Linky Parties because they give me more great blogs to look at! SEW, thank you for having your Wait Loss Wednesday!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂


  2. I love reading these silly things about how one should look when doing a particular task! I think quilters can immediately ignore this, as we should be in our nightgowns/sleepwear to test how the quilt looks when we are sleeping!

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  3. Hi Gail,
    That is a hoot, but I suspect that was the golden rule through the 60s and maybe even the 70s. It sure is different times. I love the idea of meandering hearts of different sizes – that sounds really cute and special. I did not sew at all yesterday – I was busy breaking the washing machine. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Hi Roseanne,
      I’m sure that my mother would have adhered to those things! She was totally disgusted with me for not wearing make-up & lipstick … but relented when I showed her my allergic reactions to it all!
      Yes, the hearts are sweet. I wasn’t sure what to quilt, but my dear husband took one look at the fabrics and said, “There’s hearts in both fabrics, paisley in one of them … ” Sometimes, we just need another “eye” to look at our quilts!
      Happy Quilting! 🙂

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  4. It was a different world when our Moms were young. Some of the change is good and some not so much…but a nightgown or yoga pants counts as perfect sewing attire in my book. In fact … I have a couple sweaters which are actually reserved for when I’m sewing. I had to reserve tem because after getting them full of threads and batting balls, I could no longer use them to wear out of the house!
    When I read the title of your post I thought you might share pictures of all of your sewing machines. That would be a fun post for Sewing Machine day! (Hint hint ) 😉
    Happy sewing Gail

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    • Hi Terry, I love the story about your sweaters! 🙂 Our moms would be after those sweaters with those lint / pill remover thingies!
      Thanks for the idea about a post of my sewing machines … you must think I have a few worthy of posting pictures of? Perhaps I should take pictures of all of Gord’s??? 🙂 Good idea! Happy Quilting, Cuz! 🙂


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